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We believe in the power of confidence and self-care, of taking pride in looking your best and of putting yourself first. We also believe that the prettiest traits are kindness, gratitude, compassion, and inclusiveness. How gorgeous is that?! is home to the best beauty + wellness tips, tricks, products, and destinations, as well as -- and equally as important -- a for-profit business that gives back and does so significantly.

In 2018, we set out to relaunch our wildly popular Pretty in Pink charity campaign with a new name, new twist, new charity partner and much more aggressive fundraising goal, by allocating a huge portion of profits to charity.

We’re so glad you’ve found PrettyCity and the very best in beauty + wellness. We want to bring out the very best in you, from hair to heart.

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Meet The Team

Carolyn Jarrett Brundage

Carolyn Jarrett Jones, Publisher
Email: spagirl at prettycity dot com

After founding several successful dot coms and penning lifestyle columns for top publications for over 15 years, including The Chicago Sun Times Red Streak edition, The St. Petersburg Times, The Tampa Bay Times and more, Carolyn Brundage developed a keen eye for content marketing.  Her first project, launched in 2001. In 2013, her flair for developing effective, appealing content paired with a love of social media, led her to develop, alongside her partner Johanna Grange, Oak Street Social, one of Chicago's fastest growing Social Media Agencies.

A runner, writer, entrepreneur and lover of life, Carolyn thrives on challenges, new experiences and building new businesses. 

For a peek into the life of this creative entrepreneur, author and working mama follow Carolyn's personal Instagram account @carolynjarrettjones and her personal entrepreneurship blog,

Gabrielle Zepeda, Marketing Coordinator

Gabrielle is a San Diego native with a love for everything fashion, lifestyle and travel. When the city called, she answered and headed to Loyola University Chicago where she is pursuing a major in public relations with a minor in marketing. When she isn’t hitting the books, you can find her on the Magnificent Mile shopping to her heart’s content or finding her new favorite restaurant of the month.