Introducing Beauty4All | #Beauty4All

An exciting new partnership between Changing the Face of Beauty, and the best Spas + Salons. 365 days a year, participating salons + spas will offer fixed price $44 beauty + wellness services to celebrate our message of INCLUSIVE beauty and to raise funds and awareness for Changing the Face of Beauty, a 501C3 that advocates for the inclusion of the disability community in advertising and media.

Changing the Face of Beauty and are proudly partnering for this inclusive campaign that is all about beauty...inside and out!

Together, we believe that beauty is a human characteristic that everyone carries with them throughout life.

We look forward to celebrating the beauty of all backgrounds, colors, and abilities through this campaign. Want to join us? Contact us now!

Why #Beauty4All?

This partnership highlights an industry that often forgets about those with differences. We believe characteristics of beauty live in each and every one of us. Those characteristics are part of who we are, as well as what makes each of us a unique part of humanity. Through the #beauty4all campaign, we look forward to helping the beauty industry look at beauty in an even bigger and broader way.

We can't wait for salons + spas across Chicago to open their doors to all who are looking to celebrate their own uniqueness through a #beauty4all movement. 

What #Beauty4All Accomplishes

Through the proceeds of this partnership, CTFOB will be able to continue to….

1/ educate the future of advertising through PSAs for high schools and colleges. Learn more here.

2/ grow the availability of CTFOB stock imagery database. Learn more here.

3/ plan and execute headshot clinics that empower the disability community to push for more representation in the talent industry.

4/ continue to create content that continues to communicate the importance that all people of all abilities are seen in the ad world and its message

5/ work with CTFOB partners to talk employment.  Once the disability community is valued as a consumer, the next natural step would be employment.

If you own or manage a salon, spa or beauty/wellness destination and you would like to participate in this incredible campaign, contact