Three Beach Bag Essentials For The Dog Days Of Summer

Everyone is talking about fall, but the reality is, the dog days of summer are officially here! They're hot, they’re looooong, and, for those of us who deal with (mostly) year-round cold, they're blissful.

So, we’re leaving fall trends to glossy mags and Instagrammers, while we soak up every last bit of sun. And, we will be here until the air turns crisp on Oak Street Beach or the water gets cool under our toes on Lake Michigan. Who’s with us? 

If you too are utterly unwilling to say goodbye to summer so soon, grab a beach bag and head lake-side or pool-side with us while the weather is still glorious. Just make sure you’ve packed a few of our primping essentials so that long lazy days spent on the beach can be equal parts blissful and beautiful. 


Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Collection

Cargo’s new Swimmables collection is the Holy Grail of Summer Beauty. Designed to be water resistant and sweatproof, and available in a variety of products from eyeshadows to foundation to lipstick, blush and the like, we vow to never again get wet without Cargo in tow.

The long-wear foundation is irreplaceable, providing coverage that won’t sweat, swim or melt off. It’s become such a favorite at PrettyCity that we’re wearing it everywhere, no water needed. This ultra-fluid, long-wearing foundation serves up buildable, flawless coverage. It stays put, and it looks amazingly natural.
Other products we love from this collection include the Longwear Eyeshadow Stick; it swipes on quickly and stays put for-evah. And, the water-resistant blush is a must-try. 

Shop the collection here.


Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Bliss may not be able to keep you from sweating during the dog days of summer, but thanks to their Lemon & Sage Refreshing Body Wipes, ideally stuffed into your beach bag with our other grooming musts, you will smell like Lemon & Sage instead of Sand & Perspiration, no matter how long you celebrate summer.

These pre-moistened, ultra-soft, cooling body wipes naturally deodorize, refresh and instantly cleanse away dirt, oil, and sweat. Plus, these wipes boast a plant-based, aluminum-free deodorant that neutralizes and removes odors and dries quickly.

Get them here.


Beach Hair, Don’t Care

We're absolutely obsessed with the Caviar Resort collection from Alterna.  

The Sun Reflection Shine Spray (ideally paired with Caviar's Breeze Air Dry Styling Balm), is a finishing spray that adds shine to hair while graciously taming frizz and flyaways. 

We're also big fans of Breeze, a no-heat styling balm that defines, conditions, controls frizz and adds shine. Best of all, Breeze offers up light hold for the perfectly imperfect mermaid braid,  messy bun or beach waves. 

Shop the Resort collection here.

What are your must-have beach beauty products? Which sweat-and-swim proof products do you swear by?  Do tell!

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