Beauty Products: Save or Splurge?

In this column, PrettyCity editors dish about what is worth your hard earned money and what you'll want to politely decline.  After all, beauty is more than skin deep…it’s knowing when to Save or Splurge!

SPLURGE: Jo Malone London, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Body Crème / 5.9 oz, $90. Get it here.

Image via Saks Fifth Ave

Image via Saks Fifth Ave

This mineral-rich body cream is truly top of the line. The non-greasy formula glides over skin effortlessly and leaves it beautifully scented for hours. With a rich texture, that actually absorbs into skin, your skin is left hydrated, soft and ready for anything Mother Nature throws its way. Splurge... it costs a small fortune but we think it's worth every cent.

SAVE: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer Pink Grapefruit / 4 fl oz, $8.99

IMAGE VIA Neutrogena

IMAGE VIA Neutrogena

We has high hopes, namely that our complexion would clear and that our skin would be moisturized, but this watery lotion feels too light to be effective.  Although it does have a clean, citrus scent, the product itself did nothing for our problematic skin.  Requiring two or three applications for a noticeable moisturizer, there are plenty of other salicylic acid lotions available that will work on the first pump. SAVE... your money.

SPLURGE: Serious Skin Care Dry-Lo Spot Treatment Acne Medication / 1fl oz. $24.50. Get it here.

I mage via serious Skin care

Image via serious Skin care

OK, you're on to us... our pimples did not vanish with our teen years. The good news is that we can still battle blemishes on the DL with Serious Skin Care Dry-Lo Spot Treatment, because vanishing is something this splurge-worthy product does quite well.

Worn to bed, alone on clean skin or even under makeup, Dry-Lo Spot Treatment’s 10% colloidal sulfur targets problem areas with just a dab.  It does not over-dry, damage, or irritate the affected skin, but simply diminishes the acne.  Tip: Apply along the entire nose, go to bed, and wake up to smaller pores! Splurge... not too much at just $24.50, and well worth the cost to keep zits at bay.

SAVE: Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips / 18 strips $13.99

I mage via Target 

Image via Target 

After 10 minutes of waiting for the nose strip to harden like paper mache, one painfully rips off the strip to find that only some of the enlarged nose pores are actually unclogged. Leaving charcoal residue on the skin, and a severely dry nose for days, these strips are are just not doing it for us. Save... these poor strips perform poorly.

SPLURGE: Alexander McQueen Parfum for Her / 1.5 oz, $395. Get it here.

I mage via saks fifth ave

Image via saks fifth ave

We know, it's ridiculously expensive. But, in our defense, McQueen is so, so good... loving his parfum just feels right. McQueen Parfum for Her is exotic and transformational. The scent calls upon Sambac Jasmine, Tuberose, and Ylang Ylang and the bottle, hugged with gilded feathers, is a work of art. So, we have to say it again: Go ahead and splurge on McQueen... it's worth every "scent."

Want us to do the spending to unearth if that beauty product you've been eyeing is worth splurging on or if you should save your hard earned cash? Leave a comment below and check back next time to see if your item made it on Save or Splurge!

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