The Best and Worst Eye Shadows

Image via FAVIM

Image via FAVIM

There’s more to eye shadow than those puzzling packages sold at local drugstores that promise to “enhance eye color” with strange combinations of multi-tonal hues. When applied correctly, shadow can add depth to eyes, complement eye color and make eyes “pop."

Plus, the distance between eye lashes and brows is twice as large in women as in men, according to Wikipedia, meaning that a pale shadow applied to the upper lid and brow bone may actually make you look – and feel – more like a woman. And while a great eye shadow can help polish your look, a bad shadow is sure to streak, fade and call attention to fine lines, leaving you looking more like a raccoon than a fox. Since we can’t have that, we’ve reviewed dozens upon dozens of eye shadows and this week I’ll divulge which ones you’ll love, and which to leave at the counter.

Love it! Lorac’s Little Black Palette

Lorac’s tag line is “The Red Carpet Authority” and after testing their Little Black Palette, we have to agree that Lorac puts make-up artist worthy tools at consumers’ fingertips. The palette contains four color coordinated baked eye shadows in shade of gold and bronze plus a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Shadow Primer, ideal for locking color in place from pre-party to after party. And while the shadows are long lasting and easy to apply, it’s the amazing blendabilty and flattering hues that make Lorac’s shadows a nominee for best in show. Get it online here.

Leave it: HIP Studio Secrets from L'oreal

Despite its promise of delivering shadows with highly pigmented color, L’oreal’s HIP Studio Secrets shadows failed to impress. The colors in the package didn’t seem to match the colors on my lids, showing up as a very pale impersonation of their packaged selves. Plus, the shadow couldn’t be contained upon application and ended up leaving more color under our eyes than on our eye lids.

Love it! Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeshadow Quad

A long lasting formula and an impressive range of shimmering shadow hues make Maybelline’s Eye Studio shadow collection a must to those looking for affordably priced shadows... under ten bucks! Best of all, ready-to-wear shadow quads include four colors meant to be mixed and matched with ease. Plus, shadows boast heavy pigments, meaning the color you see in the package is the color that appears on lids. Get it online here.