The Best Concealers

We've all got our dirty little secrets. 

When it comes to looking gorgeous, honesty is not the best policy.

We recently put dozens of cover-ups and concealers to the test in an effort to find the best products money could buy. A few favorites emerged. A few less-than-stellar products made separating the bad from the beautiful an easy task.

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Getting what you want often begins with figuring out what you don't want. (Turns out that's true of men and makeup.) So we began our search for the best cover-up by discovering some hidden don'ts.

Don't use one concealer for all purposes. For example, the best cover-up for blemishes is often too thick under eyes.

Don't apply concealer underneath foundation; that reduces the effectiveness of even the best products.

Don't rub; apply by patting lightly with your pointer finger or a flat makeup brush. That said, here are some products that can really keep a secret...

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Best under eye concealer

Jane Iredale's Circle\DeleteT Under Eye Concealer, $38, is the best product we've found for concealing dark circles. But this must-have product goes beyond just covering up "raccoon eyes." Key ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide sun protection while vitamin K reportedly acts as a lightening agent to help fade hyperpigmentation. Visit for a complete list of retailers.

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Best blemish cover-up

Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage ($35 here) was the hands-down winner for covering a bevy of skincare sins, from blemishes to blotches. In a range of shades with unsexy names such as SC-1 and SC-2, this product proves that concealing imperfections is serious business. Each compact in the Secret Camouflage collection contains two shades: one to match skin's undertones and one to match skin's color. Each shade can be used separately or blended together as needed.

Best bargain concealer

Maybelline's True Illusion Concealer is a cheap and chic favorite. At just $5.49 (, the long-lasting formula is available in a range of shades from True Ivory to True Mocha. While the product instructions recommend "dotting on" using the concealer's applicator wand, I'd skip that step -- reusing the same wand can foster bacteria. Instead apply with a cotton swab, and then blend with clean fingertips. The oil-free, non-comodegenic formula is also a plus.

Best Concealer

Best concealer for him

The Menaji Skin Care line, reportedly used by everyone from Tom Hanks to Evander Holyfield. The Camo Concealer ($26 at is available in hues ranging from Light Camo to Bronze. The fragrance-free formula is sure to be a hit with guys, and the added benefit of SPF 8 helps prevent sun damage, particularly good in the sensitive under eye area.