Women Who Rock

Doesn’t it feel like March is all about women? We’re loving this month. ;-) From International Women’s Day to Women’s History Month, it’s a perfect time to give props to the power of women, especially those who are standing up for causes that matter.

We’re crazy inspired by so many impactful women, but today we’ve rounded up just a few that are making a difference for both women like us and the little girls that are dreaming of what they’ll one day become. Here’s to living in a world where the answer is…anything they want!

Tory Burch Photo by ANGELA WEISS via CNBC

Tory Burch Photo by ANGELA WEISS via CNBC

Tory Burch

Designer Tory Burch makes stunning bags — and shoes, clothes and jewelry — but that’s not all that she’s about. Burch is on a mission to teach women to “Embrace Ambition” and pursue their dreams of becoming successful female entrepreneurs.

In 2009, The Tory Burch Foundation was created as a non-profit organization that offers small loans, mentoring programs, and no-interest investments to women-owned businesses.

Burch was named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, and, in 2017, she took her non-profit and created the Embrace Ambition program, addressing the negative stereotypes that often come along with women being “ambitious.”

The Tory Burch Foundation holds annual summits addressing the double standards women face, while tackling issues such as pay equity in the workplace, and more.

Image via PBS

Image via PBS

Emily Ratajkowski

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has a lot to say about being a powerful woman in today’s society. A self-proclaimed “feminist,” the model was often told to stay quiet when it came to politics and expressing her opinions, but she has taken a stance on the importance of women speaking up, in every industry and aspect of life.

Ratajkowski is also of the mindset that there is no one way for a feminist to look or act. We agree wholeheartedly!

“Making rules as to what a feminist should look like or wear is insane to me. No-one should be shaming anyone, and women especially should not be shaming other women,” she explains. Ratajkowski says that women can be both “sexy and empowering feminists.” She’s living proof that advocacy for any issue can take on many forms.

Image via Evening Standard

Image via Evening Standard

Malala Yousafzai

A woman whose heart and persistence captivated the world is perhaps one of the most influential females in current times. Meet Malala Yousafzai.

A Nobel Peace Prize winner, Yousafzai is a powerful and persistent advocate for the education of young women. Because of her outspoken views, she was shot in the head by the Taliban at age 12 in an assassination attempt in retaliation for her activism. After being left in critical condition, Yousafzai survived, moved to the UK and went on to create the Malala Fund, a charity dedicated to giving every girl an opportunity to achieve the future she chooses. 

A side note: Yousafzai is the youngest person — male or female — ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

women who rock

Michelle Obama

Whether your political views are left, right or in between, when naming influential women, former first lady, Michelle Obama, has earned her spot as a woman who rocks!

A writer, lawyer, and influential figure, Michelle Obama has taken action on changing health care, education and beyond. Obama has led programs that stress the importance of post-secondary education, girl’s education specifically, the continuation of arts education, as well as healthy school lunch programs and fashion education programs for those who aspire to be in the industry.

And, we love this picture of Obama and George W. Bush because of the lesson it illustrates: We can have different views and still work together, with respect and kindness.

These are just a few of the many, many women who inspire us; there are countless others. Who inspires you? And, more importantly, how will you use your POWER as a woman to advocate for changes that matter to you?

After all, in the wise words of Michelle Obama, “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.”

Let’s go out there and rock change, ladies! Together.

PrettyCity Editorial Team with reporting by Nisrin Mazlumovic.