Clean Beauty: What it is and why it matters

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When it comes to the stuff you put IN your body, you understand the importance of eating clean. But do you call upon the same “clean” standards when it comes to the products you put on your skin, the body’s largest organ? Turns out, more and more consumers do care about clean beauty... and we do, too! Here’s what clean beauty is and why it just may matter to you.

What is Clean Beauty?

There’s no “official” definition, but we have one: Clean beauty products call upon non-toxic ingredients that have been shown safe for use (natural or lab-made) and that also have an eye on being environmentally friendly.

Meet the Clean Beauty Brands We Adore

Juice Beauty was one of the first brands we met in the clean beauty category many years ago, but this beauty niche has grown to encompass a myriad of diverse beauty brands all with the same commitment to keepin’ beauty clean.

Here are a few we like…

The Beauty Chef: Try the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost daily supplement. It’s a skin changer.

Shiffa: The jade roller is our not-so-secret weapon and the Pregnancy Body Oil is a must for clean mamas to be.

Skin Design London: Skin that needs repair needs Retexturising serum. Only for those determined to glow.

Root Science: We love the active, waterless cleansing bars.

The Organic Pharmacy: All food grade products with no synthetics of any kind!

Skin Laundry: Did you know your first time facial is always free at Skin Laundry locations all over the country, including Oak Brook?

Meet Wellchemist, a Clean Beauty Concept Store from Bloomingdale’s

Aimed at the natural beauty movement, the Wellchemist concept store at Bloomingdale’s 900 North consists of 30 clean beauty brands, all of which are free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

You’re Invited to the December 8 Chicago Launch Event!

Bloomingdale's is excited to invite PrettyCity readers to the launch of their clean beauty boutique, Wellchemist, on Dec. 8 from 1 pm to 4 pm at 900 North Michigan, First Floor.

Discover and experience the most advanced science-based solutions and clean beauty offerings. Plus, enjoy smoothies and juice sampling courtesy of Wellness Grub. (On a side note, there will simultaneously be a Foxtrot Fragrance Fair at Bloomingdale’s at this time with wine and fragrance pairings.)

What are your favorite clean beauty brands?