Spring 2017 Beauty Shortcuts

Lancome Spring 2017 Ad via Twindly

Lancome Spring 2017 Ad via Twindly

People watching is one of our favorite vices. Why call it a vice? Well, stylefiling would be a more accurate description and trust us, women everywhere are doing it.  That’s right; we’ve noticed your bad hair day or your mis-matched foundation. The good news is we’re also giving silent kudos to your flawless balayage baby lights and your perfect skin.

So for those times when getting ready for your spotlight moment, be it at weekend brunch or the office, requires a stack of ingenuity and a shard of time, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite beauty shortcuts.

Nailing well-manicured hands

Chipped nail polish is an absolute style No-No. You may love this season’s neon hues on your hands but if you aren’t committed to maintaining the look skip the polish and ask your favorite nail salon for a Hot Cream Manicure instead.  After a traditional manicure and the application of a deeply nourishing moisturizer, nails are buffed to a high shine that looks classic and lasts. 

Don’t waste your hard earned dough on French Manicure kits that claim to be “easy.” It’s only easy for the professionals. One PC editor tried a not-to-be named French Manicure Pen. After perfectly applying polish to her left hand, she thought she’d hit the grooming jackpot. Needless to say, using her other hand to apply French tips was a grooming disaster. 30 minutes and $8 wasted dollars later, she wished she’d gone to a professional.

Do invest top dollar in an effective top coat to keep professionally applied polish from chipping and do apply it daily. One to try is Seche Vite’s patented Dry Fast Top Coat, less than $10 at major retailers; details here.

Down with dirty hair

Having a good hair day is a skill that requires precision; hair must be clean, but not too clean, with just the right amount of product, but not too much product or it turns greasy.  Oh, and Jupiter must align with Mars.  

So, less-than-perfect hair is the modern woman’s far too constant companion.  We’re all in the same boat, dolls but in style, as in life, what sets winners apart is how they deal with such adversity. Pulling hair into a messy ponytail, ends sticking out like soiled spikes, is not the answer. Whoever first called this undone look “chic” clearly did not imagine the minions sporting disheveled ‘dos instead of actually shampooing.  

When time constraints leave you with a dirty ‘do or an attempt at great hair turns greasy, the best dry shampoos come to the rescue, serving as quick fixes that are considerably more appealing than unkempt locks. (Stay tuned for our round up of the very best dry shampoos.)

Makeup on the go

With 5 minutes or less, this final beauty shortcut can take you from gloomy to glowing. Everyone from multi-tasking mommas to career mavens will benefit from a splash of color. After all, expertly applied makeup is the reason celebrities so often look picture perfect. 

Grab an all-in-one makeup stick such as Nars The Multiple, and add all over color in a matter of seconds. The Multiple is a multi-purpose makeup stick for eyes, cheeks and lips ($39 at Narscosmetics.com). The cream to powder formula blends easily adding highlights and contour from lips to lids. Nars’ classic shade, Orgasm, satisfies most skin tones with its peachy pink shimmer. 

Finish up with a quick application of mascara and in less time than it takes to change a diaper or catch a cab, you too can look gorgeous on the go.