2017’s Hottest Hair Color Trends: Balayage and Babylights

Hair.  Such a powerful four-letter word.  You have to admit…it’s the one thing we look at all day.  Whether it’s catching a glance in the mirror or a glimpse on the reflection of a cab door; we are always aware of our hair.

So much so that we touch it consistently, trying to poof, fluff, bounce, flounce, flatten, sleek, or curl.  Hair can make or break our attitude and determine how that new LBD really makes us feel.  It’s consistently "top of mind" and yet, always changing... like Kylie Jenner.

And speaking of change, two hair color trends that we are crushing on right now are Balayage and Babylights.  If you're ready for a new glow on those tired tresses, here's how Balayage and Babylights can light up your look... and your locks. 

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