Best Beauty On The Go Tips & Tricks

Being a girl-on-the-go isn’t always easy, but when you master packing and consolidating all things beauty, travel can be a gorgeous adventure.

Here’s how to become the ultimate organizer while still feeling on fleek, thanks to our down and dirty, quick and easy beauty hacks. Bon voyage, beauties!  

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Let’s pack

Organizing: its sounds simple, feels impossible. Where’s Marie Kondo when you need her? Lugging around 75 pounds of clothing and makeup in a suitcase is never ideal, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Enter the habe Travel Makeup Bag, a Train Case that is ideal for anyone who’s serous about having all of her cosmetics at her fingertips. This bag comes with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. We use and adore it, plus, the Amazon reviews are on point.

PRO TIP: Contact cases are great organizers and they’re not just for contacts. If you’re going on a short trip and don’t want to lug around a bottle of foundation or primer, use an affordable contact case to pour yourself some “sample” size portions of your favorite beauty products. This works really well if your foundation is in a glass bottle and carrying it around for a short trip makes you nervous.

Bonus: Cases mentioned above can be found for as cheap as $5.99 on Amazon for a pack of 5. 

Edit yourself, beauty!

Organizing is only half the battle of a constant girl on the go. Often times, it’s hard to only bring “what we need” when naturally most of us tend to be CHRONIC over packers… anybody else bring 847,483 outfit changes on a 3-day trip?!

This is a real problem for makeup-lovers. The solution? Multitask, pretty mama! Use 1 product for 2 purposes. Not only will this save your life in terms of number of things to pack, but it’ll also crunch your makeup application time in HALF. (Seriously). Instead of packing your top 15 favorite blushes on your next weekend-getaway, try to determine which products are multi-purpose.

For example, use your lipsticks as blushes. All you need is some color on the lips and to use your fingers to apply that same soft wash of color to your cheeks. Not only does this save you from carrying around an extra face product, but you’re also looking effortlessly flawless and natural by pairing the same monochromatic look on both your lips and cheeks. (Did you read our NYFW story? Monochromatic is a huge trend this spring!)

Another option? Bronzer as eye shadow; it creates the same natural, “model-off-duty” look for an always running around, busy gal. And, of course, there are plenty of companies that make products specifically for multi-tasking beauties like us. A few we like, include…

The Glow Stick from Bobbi Brown lends cheeks and lids that enviable sun-kissed glow.

It’s not cheap but we love, love, love Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick, serving up lip color and cheek color in just one swipe.

A Succinct Skincare Routine

We all know skincare is the basis for gorgeous makeup, but bringing your whole at-home skincare collection when traveling isn’t possible…or necessary. A common beauty packing mistake is thinking that you need a thousand products, when on the flip side one really great product can do it all.

Case in point: Instead of packing deep moisture masks, oils, and toners, opt for just a moisturizer and an all-in-one oil. A really great Multi-Vitamin infusion can replace all those moisturizers you want to bring on board. We like Murad’s Multi Vitamin Infusion oil; get it for $68.40 here. What’s your favorite skin care multi-tasker?

Off subject, but on point

Although not beauty-related, this hack will save your life in terms of organization.

Rather than folding all your clothes down only to eventually be shoving shoes and more pointless items into an overly-crowded suitcase, roll your clothing. Yes, roll. Rolling your clothes down not only saves you an abundance of space, but it also ensures you’ll arrive to your destination wrinkle free. How great is that?!

So the next time you travel for a long romantic vacation or a short weekend girls trip, use these organization tips to save the stress of cramming unnecessary items along and just enjoy the journey, beautifully.

PrettyCity Editorial Team with reporting by Nisrin Mazlumovic.