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Leave it:
Lancome's Oscillation Power foundation
By PC Editors  
Love it!
Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation
By Diane Olson 
Leave it:
Nair's Moisturizing Face Cream
By PC Editors  

Love It!
Redken's Smooth Down Detangling Cream
By Kayla Drawdy 

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Drugstore Duds and Darlings
Drugstore Duds and Darlings

While the aisles of your local drugstore may seem to be packed with beauty products priced right, they're also chock full of items that rely on heavy marketing - rather than product quality - to grab your attention. And since, at most drugstores, you can't try before you buy, we've rounded up a list of our most -- and least-- favorite beauty products available at your local CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and more.

Leave it. CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain

CoverGirl has some great, reasonably priced products that we love. This is not one of them.  The LipStain ($7.49) goes on smoothly but dries streaky and, worse yet, doesn't last.  The marker style applicator felt strange to us and was hard to get used to; don't bother trying since the product housed inside isn't worth the wait.

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Beauty in ColorBeauty In Color: The Best Foundations for Women of Color
by Daria V. Wright

It's time to stop blaming the foundation ladies. Banishing the early onset of aging, flakes, blemishes, and dehydration is best form of flattery to your foundation.
Skin that has been cared for is essential to achieving a perfectly polished complexion, and should serve as the heartbeat of your beauty routine.
Remember that even if your foundation or moisturizer contains an SPF, I recommended you wear a separate sunscreen as well. Also, note that an SPF between 30 and 45 is sufficient for most of us.

Here are my top brand recommendations for women of color.
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