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You are well-meaning. You drink eight glasses of water daily. You slather on SPF (or at least your favorite BB cream). And yet, sometimes, when it comes to skin care, good judgment seems to escape you. Not to worry. This week, we've rounded up simple ways to recover from your worst skindiscretions.


Choosing Mr. Wrong

You've been known to make bad choices. There are a variety of reasons, of course. First of all, you've never spotted a pretty package you weren't drawn to, sometimes overlooking the importance of the ingredients under all that shiny plastic and cardboard. Or maybe, you're still figuring yourself out and so, despite the best of intentions, you unwittingly opt for "normal" when you're really "sensitive" underneath it all. And are any of us ever willing to admit we're "mature?"


According to the National Skin Care Institute, there are five basic skin types: normal, dry, very dry, normal/combination and oily skin. Choosing your ideal skin care "mate" is easy with this simple test: In the morning use several tissues to blot your face - one on your forehead, one on your chin and one on your cheeks. Tissues with lots of spots indicate that your skin is oily. If tissues show oil spots from just your forehead and chin, then you have combination skin. A few spots only on the tissue that was pressed to the forehead indicate normal skin. A clean tissue paired with skin feeling tight in the morning means that your skin type is dry. Lastly, very dry skin is typically a result of aging/hormones and is often described as mature skin.


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DIY Sock Bun, from Glamour, Every Day


Yesterday was spent working on next week's beauty column for The Tampa Bay Times and PrettyCity.  I won't ruin the surprise by spilling all the details, but suffice it to say that five unusual beauty tricks are the focus.

One of my go-to tricks is using a sock to create a super thick hair bun. Have you tried this?

It's crazy simple. It takes literally seconds. And, it somehow makes your hair look like it was either A) professionally styled or B) painstakingly styled at home with tons of tools, time and products. Nope, it's just a simple sock, rolled up into a donut shape and placed atop your head.


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