They don't call it V-day for nothing!


Whether you are happily coupled or blissfully single, with Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it's time to show yourself some love. This week, we've rounded up a few of our favorite waxing spots -- all   offering $39 and up "Love You" deals, of course --  in cities from Chicago to Venice.  Plus, check out our waxing "style" glossary ranging from The Basic Bikini Wax to The Throwback to The Hollywood and beyond.  




Waxing Spots We LOVE!





FM Hair and Skin Studio 

1044 W Fulton 

Phone: (312) 733-2505


$39 Brazilian wax; normally $65






Strip Wax Bar

1014 W. Monroe St

Phone: (312) 733-8700


$49 Brazilian Bikini Wax w/ Swarovski Vajazzling; normally $75







Oasis Day Spa

50 Livingstone Avenue

Phone: (914) 409-1900


$59 Va-Dazzle Brazilian Wax; normally $75






The Village Beauty Lounge

48 Third Ave.

Phone: (212) 387-0045


$59 Brazilian Wax + Manicure; normally $83






Get Waxed

300 Westminster Avenue

Phone: (310) 396-2929


$39 Brazilian Wax; Normally $60







Enve Salon & Day Spa

212 W. Main Street

Phone: (262) 534-9700


$59 Full Leg and Bikini Wax; normally $75





Rejuva Skincare & Laser Center

22370 Bluemound Rd.

Phone: (262) 970-5610


$39 Brazilian Wax; Normally $50





Bella Toccare de Spa & Salon

8239 Chippewa Road

Phone: (440) 526-3090


$49 Brazilian Wax using 

Nufree; normally $65






Tirra Salon and Spa

375 West Erie St.

Phone: (312) 379-8094


$49 Bikini, lip and brow wax; normally $69.







Spa Forever

1917 N. Damen Avenue

Phone: (773) 394-0000


$39 Brazilian wax

Hard and soft wax is used to leave feeling smooth; normally $60






The Bikini Wax

Remove just the hair surrounding the front bikini line.


The Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian wax involves removing the hair in the front and the hair in the back.

The Landing Strip

Similar to a Brazilian, most all hair, front and back, is removed; save a "strip" of vertical hair in the front. 

The Valentine

This waxing style leaves just a heart-shaped patch of hair. Ah, love-ly.

The V-Dazzled V-Jay Jay (also Vajazzling):
A smooth, hair free front complemented by the application of glitter and jewels.


The Throwback

We take full credit for naming this "style." (Although we won't take credit for sporting it!), This is what we call a none- waxed, au naturel bikini line. Very 1970s.


The French 

Takes all hair off the in the front, save a small strip. Unlike a Brazilian, this style does not remove hair from the rear. 

The Hollywood

This A-list wax leaves you completely hair free from front to back. 



In need of a new digital camera or MP3 player, consumers often spend 12 hours researching, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.  


But booking a Brazilian wax, which involves the nearly complete baring of private parts (front and back), and the application of hot liquid to said parts, doesn't get near the same level of research. There's something wrong with that, ladies. Not to worry, this week we've done our homework for you, rounding up the waxing facts (WAQs) you simply must know...


The Prep


Whether you are a waxing virgin or veteran, pre-wax prepping is a must.  First, take a warm shower at home and exfoliate skin well with a body scrub. Don't shave just before a wax, but do trim hair to about 1/4 to 1/3 inch in length. This will likely be two to three weeks of hair growth if you shave; if you wax, allow about four weeks between waxing appointments. As you head to your appointment, pop an Advil for discomfort and apply a numbing cream, such as BareEase.


The Appointment


For waxing virgins, that first appointment can be awkward.  If it's your first-ever wax, let your esthetician know. Once you've checked in at the spa or salon, expect to be given a disposable paper G-string, a towel and, oftentimes, a wipe. Remove your underpants, use the wipe to freshen up down below, put on the disposable G-string and lie down on the treatment bed using the towel to cover you.  


Your esthetician will likely ask you to get into a frog position as she removes errant hairs around the inner thighs and labia.  


And, if she asks if you want your "back" done, she's not offering a massage. Say "yes" if you want the hair at the bottom of the inner butt cheek and anus gone, too.


Read our WAQs...





About The Love You® Campaign


Every February for the past nine years, has teamed up with The Heart Truth® to present a stress-reducing, body-loving campaign called Love You®.  Love You aims to remind women everywhere to take charge of their own heart health & to treat themselves. Have a heart this February and show yourself some love!

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