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Team Gloss or Team Lipstick?

The 3 secrets to wearing lipstick well

For years you've been pulling glosses out of your bag and swiping them on without a second thought. Your love affair with gloss was blissful; it just felt so natural.

And then things started to change. Your go-to gloss started letting you down, things started falling between the cracks (of your lips that is) and before you knew it, that matte lipstick in the window caught your eye.  You even started day dreaming about bringing home that little red number you spotted at Sephora.  For all the ladies ready to take a break from gloss but not sure how to make a new relationship with lipstick really work, here's all you need to know to kiss the sticky stuff goodbye, or at least start seeing other products.


Golden Globe GlowGolden Globe Glow 

The 2011 Golden Globes quickly acquired a new theme - it's the year of the "mama". Stars sporting bumps and doing it fashionably. Gotta love that! Despite the harsh reviews, I loved Natalie's look. I thought her hair may have been a bit severe but the dress was a winner in my book and followed the ballet color palette she became famous for this year. This is her year! 


Nicole became a mama, too in December 2010. They say she had a gestational carrier but I've been noticing a baby{ish} bump as of late. Maybe she finally indulged around the holidays like the rest of us? Although her dress is safe, I am a sucker for sparkly, tailored formal wear.


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