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Top 3 Hairstyles
The Top Three Hairstyles for 2010
Fringe Benefits: Getting bangs is a quick way to update your 'do, but remember that maintaining your new fringe takes time and money.
Bangs need to be trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on their shape. Mini bangs, for example, will need more frequent trimmings while long, layered bangs allow for more time between visits to your favorite salon.
Curly haired girls aren't immune to the allure of bangs, nor should they be. The key is to sport long, angled bangs with those curly locks. Then, use a blow dryer and a round brush to lengthen bangs without flattening them out.
And for those who want to get bangs but can't bear to commit, try Warren Tricomi's Instant Bangs, clip in bang extensions made of 100% human hair and available in 14 shades (although bangs can also be customized by you colorist to perfectly match your hair hue). 

Top 3 HairstylesDeep Side Ponytails
If your go-to hairstyle happens to be your only style, you'll love this easy to replicate 'do from celebrity stylist Sam Brocato.
Brocato created messy yet modern side ponytails for the NIMA Fall 2010 NYFW show, and gave us step by step instructions for making the model-perfect hair seen on the runway a reality.
First Brocato and his crew used large barrel curling irons to curl hair in sections. 
Next, they created a chic hair knot (pictured) and set it with Brocato's Moveable Hold Hair Spray ($12.95 at upscale salons)
"The hair knot was achieved by pulling the hair from the back of the right ear diagonally across to the left nape where it was put in a small elastic for control," explained Brocato. 
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