CC Cream: The A's, B's and CC's of beauty

Updated 3/23/13

It's time for a beauty upgrade. Just as you've wrapped your head, and hands, around the concept of BB cream, or beauty balm, the next generation of products is on the market. Color control cream, or CC cream, is the new 'version' of BB cream, designed to serve up all the skin-care benefits of a beauty balm with additional coverage and color correction.

CC creams typically features a generous SPF rating, as well as ingredients to nourish skin, paired with increased abilities to even skin tone, cover flaws and provide more coverage without oiliness. Yup, CC cream is beauty 3.0. But you'll need to do a bit of wrangling to get one of these hard to-find creams into your beauty bag.

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Best CC Cream

CC Cream: Bargain CC

Hurray for Olay. The company was the first to get a CC cream on drugstore shelves across the United States. Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer sells for about $20 at local drugstores and Available in three shades - fair to light, light to medium, and medium to deep - Olay's CC Cream promises to 'fight 7 signs of aging' while protect ing skin from UVA/UVB damage via an SPF 15 rating. Skin tone is evened and blotchiness eradicated thanks in part to 4-percent niacinamide, or Vitamin B3. The topical application of niacinamide has been shown in clinical research to protect the skin against pollutants; helping manage acne, rosacea and inflammation. Next -->


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