Red Carpet: Love it or Leave It?

Red carpet watchers find invaluable beauty and style lessons from watching the triumphs -- and tragedies -- at any big event. Today's lesson comes to us courtesy of the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Please, pretty ladies, do take notes. There will be a pop quiz... daily.

Love It! Lady in Red

Red Do!

Wear Red, a la Blake Lively in Versace and Debra Messing in Michael Kors. Done right, no matter your age, red steals the scene. Wallflowers need not apply.


Leave it: Ballroom Boring


We love Drew, too, so we understand if you want to jump to her defense but this look is tired. Puffy dress, boring hair, stale makeup. It's old school in a bad way. And we find Kara DioGuardi's white dress plus outdated 'do to be dull, as well. The lesson here: take risks. Fashion and beauty must be fun!
(Sorry, angel.)


Love it! Rising from the Ashes

Rise From the Ashes

Living well and looking great are the best revenge. Mary Louise Parker proves it in this purple Zac Posen (Billy, who?) and our hats are eternally off to the graceful, strong and inspirational Christina Applegate, breathtaking in a Basil Soda gown. True blue.


Leave it: Too Big Hair

Big Hair

Overdoing anything can lead to disaster. This is especially true with hair; it's oh-so-easy to cross the line from hair with volume to hair that may or may not be hiding a family of birds. Pictured: Lisa Edelstein and Padma Lakshmi


Love It! Classic Beauty

classic beauty

Classic and boring are definitively different, dolls. As proven by Ms. Catt Sadler, who illustrates that glowing skin, shiny locks, long lashes and red lips will be hot from here to eternity. (Hayden Panettiere looks fab, too.)


Love it! Pregnant and Pretty

Pregnant & Pretty

Thank you Heidi and Kourtney. Being a mom is hot. Creating a life should be shown off. And yes, those curves are kickin'.


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