Celebrity Beauty Secrets

JenniferJennifer Garner: This butt-kicking beauty and mother radiates a kickin' sense of style. Her look is ultra-polished, reminiscent of classic natural beauties such as Katherine Hepburn.

What's in Garner's medicine cabinet? First, she banishes undereye circles and bags with the help of the DuWop line of products. Garner's a fan of DuWop's Citrus i Gels for Dark Circles ($25 for three pairs at www.duwop.com).

These cool gel discs conform to the shape of your eye, banishing dark rings and puffiness.Botanical ingredients such as Arnica and Vitamin K mean no more raccoon eyes for you.

Another DuWop favorite is the Lip Venom ($16), a spicy, tingly gloss that enhances the color and shape of lips. It's the secret to that "bee-stung" look of many an A-list celebrity. The Venom Gloss ($18) serves up a plumper pout with a side of color. Our favorites include Firethorn, a shimmery creamsicle orange, and Snowberry, a sheer gold-flecked berry. Other celebrity haute mommas that love Lip Venom include Cindy Crawford and Kelly Ripa.

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie: How does Jolie, possibly the most famous mom on the planet, manage to make baby-making seem so effortlessly chic? With a little help from decaf lattes at Starbucks, a little help from her hunky leading man, and a bevy of closely guarded beauty secrets.

In her downtime, this mother and actress gets serious about pampering. Jolie's spa pick is said to be hydrotherapy, also called "water healing." At a spa, hydrotherapy often combines the therapeutic benefits of water with rejuvenating elements such as aromatherapy and massage. From mineral salt baths to aromatherapy baths, warm water and Jacuzzi jets ease muscles and aid in detoxification.

Find a spa near you that offers hydrotherapy by seraching the PrettyCity spa and salon guide.

Catherine Zeta-JonesCatherine Zeta-Jones: This super talented super star is also an enviously hip Mom.

How does she manage to balance babies and beauty? With the help of Erbaviva, a line of chemical-free products for moms-to be and babies. Ms. Zeta-Jones eliminates stretch marks using Erbaviva's Organic Stretch Mark Oil ($26). Erbaviva believes your child should leave his or her mark on the world- not on you!

Thanks to essential oils including rose and carrot seed, Erbaviva's Stretch Mark Oil keeps mom's skin as soft and supple as baby's. Speaking of babies, celebs spare no expense when it comes to pampering their princes and princesses. Erbaviva's Baby Shampoo ($16) contains a luxurious blend of organic Lavender and Chamomile. It's gentle enough for newborns, ideal for those with sensitive skin and affordable enough for those of us who command less than millions annually. The Erbaviva collection is available online at www.erbaviva.com.

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