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We recently received a phone call from a not-to-be-named beauty editor who wanted us to weigh-in on some A-list stars and their luxe lashes. The editor sent three photos and one question: Whose were fake and whose were real?

The answer...all fake.

Each and every celebrity pictured was sportin' lash extensions. Some looked natural and some were over the top, but each lady on the list had at least a little help achieving the look.

Lash extensions have become the biggest must have beauty item of the year and we've got the skinny on fattening up the lashes Mother Nature gave you.

Professional Lash Extensions

These lashes are ideal for the girl who wants a long-term commitment. Some say these semi-permanent lash extensions can last up to 90 days with proper care.

No longer applied in strips, lash extensions are applied individually to achieve a much more natural look then was possible in days gone by.

The newest lashes are usually thicker at the base and tapered at the ends, a look that mimics that shape of natural lashes while creating that fuller look that many of us crave.

Special care is needed once professional extensions are applied.

This includes putting away your mascara or opting for a mascara designed especially for lash extensions. One to try is Blinc's "Kiss Me" mascara, available at BeautySak.com.

Also, lash extensions should be treated gently, so never rub or scrub the eye area once extensions have been applied.

The cost of professional lash extensions in range from $100 to $350.


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