Fall Facial Revival

Each season presents a new skin challenge for every beauty aficionado. And the challenge for fall is restoring your skin to perfection after a long summer of damage. To tackle the task at hand, it’s time to alter that beauty routine and we’ve got the top ways to face fall beautifully.

Updating your skin care regimen is instrumental in keeping your skin fresh, strong and looking younger. So, take to the store shelves to update your routine and slide over to the spa for a relaxing treatment to kick start the season.

Nothing is more important in skin care than making sure your skin is clean at the beginning and end of the day. Not only do toxins harm your skin and encourage breakouts, they can negatively impact your health, as well. So, if you’re treating your skin at home, start out with an emulsifying cleanser, such as Serious Skin Care’s First Pressed Olive Oil Emulsifying Cleanser ($40 at HSN.com). This smooth and gentle cleanser will surely get rid of the day’s makeup, toxins and oils all while blanketing your skin with a sheet of natural moisture.  Not only will an emulsifying cleanser clarify your skin and minimize oil, but it will also prepare your skin for the next step



Well worth the nominal price, a reliable facial streamer can turn your nightly skin care regimen into an effective facial treatment. With a steamer like the Conair Facial Sauna System, you can effectively dilate your pores, allowing for a deeper facial cleanse ($25 at drugstore.com). After a summer of basking (and no doubt, sweating) in the sun, a quick shot of steam is a foolproof way to rid your skin of leftover toxins and bacteria. But, if you have severely sensitive skin, it may be best to skip this step and opt for a gentle, fine grade exfoliant, instead.





Pesky dead and damaged skin from the summer months will likely be your biggest facial concern as fall rolls in. The best way to address the issue and rid your face of expired skin is with a gentle exfoliant (if using this step after steam, be sure to use a very fine exfoliant). A product like Stem OrganicsSmooth Skin Exfoliant will effectively slough off dead skin leaving behind only the most polished layer and a sweet botanical scent ($36 at stemorganics.com).





When it comes to products suited for reviving your face in fall, moisture is key. Cooler weather brings on chapped, dry skin, so be sure that your new fall regimen includes a potent moisturizer such as Kiel’s Ultra Face Moisturizer ($15.50 at kiels.com). This light lotion will restore moisture to dehydrated, combination skin and will restore some balance to any face that’s endured a bit too much summer torture.

Be on the lookout for fall-themed facials across the nation as spas everywhere feature intensive restorative facials utilizing luscious scents of the season.

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