Men also want a nip, tuck Men also want a nip, tuck

"Honey, do these gym shorts make my butt look big?" While you may never hear your man utter these words, the latest round of statistics on plastic surgery suggests most men are as self-conscious about their bodies as women.

According to a report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction is the surgery most often requested and performed on men. Ex-wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had liposuction on his chest, saying "It was an aesthetic thing." Read the article

What a girl wants: Grooming advice for him
by Carolyn Brundage

It's good to be a man. You tend to be judged on more than just the sum of your parts.

Women are often attracted to men who aren't classically handsome: Think Tony Soprano and Jerry Seinfeld.
What's sexy to us can be quirky, and it often is. Physical beauty aside, cleanliness is king. And nothing gets a guy the royal treatment quicker than some basic good grooming. Trust me; women adore the clean shaven, fresh scent of a man much more than his primped and preened counterpart. Read the article.

Product picks for him

Our men have admitted that while they do care about how they look, "keep it simple" is their motto. They don't care for clutter in their medicine cabinets and shaving bags.   Plus,  they're loyal, so once they find something they love, they stick with it.

Gage for Men:

This product not only stands up to the challenge of a man’s approval, but it’s got a distinguished look. Whether in the shower, or in the gym bag, Gage for Men products makes a statement with sophisticated packaging and effective formulas.

Hydrating Hair and Body Wash: Face it. No matter how much gel you use, a man’s hair is more like a man’s mess by the end of the workday. This product excels at cleansing even the greasiest of hair. With the clean scent of spearmint, this product also does the trick to maintain soft skin in an active lifestyle.

Daily Conditioner: A great closer. Leaves the hair and scalp refreshed and ready for action. With a refreshing minty scent, hair looks and feels great.

On The Job:

It’s tough and it’s ready for hands that don’t mess around. 

Hand Lotion, $8.99: Cracks, dry skin... take a hike! This lotion means business. Pump a combination of antiseptic and moisturizer and, within minutes, this powerful lotion heals the effects of a hard day’s work.

Hand Cleaner, $6.99: This cleanser is great for those with a lot on their plate anywhere since no water is required. Whether your damage is grime or grease, this product does a much better job than plain old soap and water.  However, hands may feel a bit drier than usual -- best to chase it with a lotion.

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