Gloss·a·ry – The weather outside is frightful, but we’re keeping those lips delightful with glosses and balms that smooth and soothe the driest kissers.
By Michelle Carney

Here we are again, deep into the trenches of bitter cold winter, and it’s the same old story; keeping the wind from cutting through any open spaces between scarf, coat and boots, and not leaving my lips out in the cold. Freezing wind and subzero temps dry out the defenseless, delicate skin on the lips, and they chap, they crack and they hurt. Then you balm up like crazy, only to sit inside a dry, heated office where they get sapped of hydration. It’s a lose-lose situation I’m determined to win this year.  And these are the new weapons I’ve got in my arsenal.

I’ve become rather addicted to skyn ICELAND ’s Angelica Lip Repair ($15 at So it’s good thing there’s no petrolatum involved, because we know how horribly addictive that can be. This snowy white tube is armed with Angelica archangelica, an Icelandic botanical for healing, and shea butter for moisture. And I’m loving the black tea and menthol essences, a classy alternative to fake flavorings often used in cheaper, drugstore brands.



When you’re married to a high-profile celebrity and not a celebrity yourself, you’d think it’d be hard to find your own way to shine. Not for Lisa Hoffman, wife of Dustin. This self-proclaimed “kitchen chemist” is a superstar in the world of beauty. Her prescription for combating chapped lips and lines is a four-tiered remedy that’s a tad pricey, but that’s Hollywood . Lisa Hoffman Beauty Day Lip Conditioner ($40) is a botanically rich balm you can use throughout the day; while Night Lip Serum ($40) is more serious, a collagen therapy designed for long-term, anti-aging effects; use Spa Facial Lip Polisher ($45) with pineapple and papaya for intense exfoliation; and Spa Facial Lip Moisturizer ($45) as a luxurious, concentrated facial for the lips with olive, avocado and sweet almond oil; all available at

About a year ago, the reputable department store cosmetics company, Clinique, joined forces with Allergan, a leading global medical aesthetics company, to form Clinique Medical, a line of skin care products that complement dermatological and clinically aesthetic procedures. While you don’t need a prescription to get your lips on Clinique Medical Dry Spot Balm ($24), you will need to stop by a dermatologist’s office to purchase it. But it will be worth the trip. (Visit to find a physician who carries the line near you).The Dry Spot Balm is scientifically proven to alleviate severe dryness, and – bonus – it can also be used on the face! What makes it a standout is “sea whip,” a calming, concentrated marine botanical extract that not only relieves soreness and dryness and the pain that goes along with it, but it reduces the appearance of those tell-tale signs of irritation.

Finally, just because we’re in therapy mode, doesn’t mean we need to go without color and shine. I’ve found two healthy, therapeutic brands that produce tinted lip balms for a hybrid effect. Eco Lips Eco Tints ($3.99) offers three mineral-based shades, Rose Quartz, Plush Red and Mocha Velvet ($9.99 for a 3-pack), infused with natural organics like sunflower oil, beeswax, coconut oil and aloe vera. Therapy Systems Tinted Lip Balms ($22), use Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter to hydrate and moisturize and come in six shades. I’m partial to Sunny (peachy beige) and Blush (plumy rose). Both seem to help brighten up a wintery pale complexion. Plus, the little chrome tubes they’re housed in add a touch of class to the usual balm packaging.  Get ‘em online at

The gloss•a•ry is PrettyCity’s monthly roundup of all that glitters from our own wand-toting shimmer expert, Michelle Carney. Tune in each month for the latest and greatest in pout perfecting products utterly devoted to your sparkly, sexy and oh-so-shiny lips.  Please contact Michelle Carney with story ideas or product suggestions

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