Green-Eyed Girl: Green on the Go
By Tess Kurzeja

As if reserving flights, packing appropriate clothing and keeping an eye on the whole motley crew weren’t hard enough, the Transport Security Administration’s liquid ban for airplane travel has made for some difficult decisions in determining what to take along for spring vacations. Add some good-intentioned health and earth consciousness to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a certified dilemma. 

While the neighborhood store’s dollar bins seem to carry everything in travel-size these days, it is still difficult to find travel products that are paraben free and organic. Luckily, we’ve rounded up products and tips for you, the kids and even the guy in your life to stay green on the go without being stopped by airport security.

First off, don’t be fooled. Each traveler (including the kids) is entitled to a single one quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bag of liquids, gels and aerosols, but the TSA limits the size of the bottles in tow for carry-on. Each of these products of choice should not exceed 3 fl. oz. (Any size liquids, gels and aerosols are allowed if placed in checked baggage.) Be sure to reuse these plastic sacks to cut down on waste.

Undoubtedly, we women feel the brunt of each regulation with a little more vigor. From shampoo to body wash and perfume to foundation, it seems much of our beauty routine is liquid. So, from head to toe, products we love are just as important on vacation as they are at home.

Keep clean and earth-friendly with AETÓ Botanica’s all natural and paraben and sulfate-free AETO-ette Traveler Hair Spa On-The-Go and the AETO-ette Traveler Hair & Body Spa collections. Made up of different combinations of shampoo, conditioner, contouring serum, body shampoo and body crème, these travel products are available in convenient three ounce containers, are not only a perfect fit in the regulation quart-size zip bags, but contain stress-reducing, natural fragrances. What’s more, the AETO Botanical’s fortifying shampoo and conditioner is proven to reduce hair breakage by 47% after just three uses. These travel sets insure you don’t have to sacrifice refinement for regulations and retail for $35 at

And while hair is important, it’s our faces that do the talking. For travel, ditch heavy bottles of liquid foundation and trade ‘em in for Physicians Formula’s Organic Wear Pressed Powder. This product’s 100% natural formula is housed an attractive compact (complete with mirror and brush) and provides all the coverage of your liquid foundation with less liquid fuss. Organic jojoba oil moisturizes while cornstarch serves to mattify the skin, perfect for avoiding midday shine. Available in nine various shades and even a translucent option, this face-saver retails for $14 at


Sunscreen has never been more important; so prevent burning with the 2.6 oz. Soleo Organics Sunscreen SPF 30. This travel-friendly sun blocker goes on smooth and clear and contains no chemical UV-absorbers, titanium dioxide or synthetic preservatives ($25 at Keep the kids happy and sunkissed with Children’s Sunscreen from Weleda ($15 at This mineral-based formula is both moisturizing and water resistant and perfect for traveling tots.


The real challenge, packing for the kids, has just gotten a little simpler and a whole lot more organic. Housed in clear, zippered packaging that’ll please even the pickiest of pint-sized product aficionados, the So Cozy flight kit delivers everything kids need in way of good clean hygiene. Developer Cozy Friedman knows that products geared toward adults are simply too harsh for kids and created a comprehensive set of five kid must-haves all in 2 oz. bottles. Tear-free, gentle and fun scented, this kit contains shampoo, conditioner, conditioning shampoo, detangler and swimmer’s shampoo (specially formulated to restore moisture to hair exposed to chlorine) not to mention a tiny rubber ducky, just for fun. 

Lastly, because his enviable maintenance regimen includes little more than a clean shave and quick deodorant slick, encourage your man to be kissably smooth by packing him the 2.5 oz Weleda Non-Foaming Shaving Cream ($10 at Made with Goat's Milk and Almond Extract, combined with floral extracts for sensitive skin, this all-natural shaving cream will be his perfect travel companion, next to you, of course.

Once products are carefully placed in their quart-size plastic bags, make sure to keep them at the top of your carry-on for easy access for airport personnel to inspect and to avoid spills. Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Green and glam on the go? Check, check. With travel tips like this, it’s easy being green.

For further information on travel regulations, see the TSA’s Guideline Page.

“Green-eyed Girl” is PrettyCity®’s monthly guide to the latest beauty products and treatment trends reflecting a consciousness for the environment and personal health. If it’s organic, we know about it; if it’s helping our environment while keeping us looking and feeling our best, we love it. And, you can rest assured we’ll tell you all about it. Please contact us with story ideas or product suggestions.



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