Green-eyed Girl: Gifting Green
By Tess Kurzeja

The season of giving can bring a lot of things. For those with a knack for giving ‘em what they want, gift-giving season can bring along a do-gooder high and a healthy dose of self-confidence (a result of superior gift-giving ability). But, for others, gift giving can be stressful, overwhelming and strenuous. And finding that perfect gift for your best friends, mom, sisters and the other ladies in your life can leave less pleasant visions than sugarplums dancing in your head.

Unfortunately, I belong to the latter group. No matter how far in advance I plan, how thoughtful I try to be, or how much I’m willing to spend, it seems like I’m scrambling for gifts at the last minute every holiday season—trying desperately to choose gifts that are as thoughtful and useful as possible. Often, these latent efforts are to little avail.

But this year, I’m turning over a new leaf and subscribing to a pre-New Year’s resolution. I’m getting back in touch with feel-good gifting by doling out the best green items I can find to all my favorite spa girls. Then, I’m not only sharing something important to me (supporting the green movement), I’m passing out products that are good for the environment and great fun for those on the receiving end.
And, I’m sharing my ideas with you.

For the Best Friend:

Whether a spa newbie or a certified aficionado, I’m convinced that every woman wishes her home doubled as a luxury spa. I’m treating my best friend to a dream come true: spa-like luxury in the comfort of her own home. My favorite item to pass along is a Lavender Recycled Cotton Spa Blankie from ($57.95). This cozy, scented lap blanket transforms into a heated comfort when you warm the lavender insert in the microwave for one to two minutes. And, the soothing natural lavender scent isn’t all that will aid in your best friend’s relaxation. She can sleep easy, cuddled up in this blanket, knowing that it was made from 100% recycled cotton called Green-Spun Fabric. This fabric utilizes the often-discarded portions of the cotton plant to create a material that is just as soft and comforting as other cotton products. 

For Mom:

For me, gifting for my mom is always the most difficult. After years of making sure my holiday seasons were next-to-perfect, I hope to pay her back with something that shows how much I care. So, this year I’m stepping outside the 8x11 department-store sweater box she is used to receiving from me and going all out, and all green.

For Mom (mine especially), there is no better gift than a gorgeous, keepsake item. I love this Recycled Mason Jar Glass Necklace from ($140). Made from a vintage mason jar, the “stone’s” soft, aqua color is sure to accent Mom’s favorite casual wear and will no-doubt serve as a striking conversation piece. The triangular pendant hangs from a 16” recycled sterling silver chain. And, since each piece is hand made, no two are exactly alike, kind of like mom herself.

For Sis:

As they say, it’s the thought that counts, and this gift is sure to show sis that you care.  Instead of wrapping a single gift, I’m showering my sister with some of my favorite green products and housing them in a Half the Sky Designs Recycled Rice Sack Sleek Tote  ($48 at These bring-‘em-anywhere bags are made of, you guessed it, recycled rice sacks and are durable and cute enough for a day out and about or a night on the town. Inside, I’m loading lip balm from Ola Hawaii ($6 at Coming in five different tropical varieties, these natural lip balms are the perfect product to sooth chapped lips and lend a soothing tropical scent.
I’ll also add in a Zia-to-Go Holiday Gift Set from Zia Natural Skincare ($19.95 at This prize pack of five travel-size products (including cleanser, exfoliant, toner, moisturizer and a mask) comes in varieties for all types of skin.

Bestie gift? Check. Mom’s gift? Check. Sister’s gift? Check. Sending holiday love that’s all green? Check, check. Now, all I have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays.


“Green-eyed Girl” is PrettyCity®’s monthly guide to the latest beauty products and treatment trends reflecting a consciousness for the environment and personal health. If it’s organic, we know about it; if it’s helping our environment while keeping us looking and feeling our best, we love it. And, you can rest assured we’ll tell you all about it. Please contact us with story ideas or product suggestions.



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