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“Green-eyed Girl” is PrettyCity’s monthly guide to the latest beauty products and treatment trends reflecting a consciousness for the environment and personal health. If it’s organic, we know about it; if it’s helping our environment while keeping us looking and feeling our best, we love it.

Beauty’s Best Bean
by Green-Eyed Girl

Green Beauty from Soypure SkincareYou may already be addicted to soy—think veggie burgers and lattes—but we found a much prettier use for “edible” soy, thanks to Soypure skincare.

This boutique beauty brand calls upon pure, edible soy and a bevy of all natural ingredients (housed in environmentally friendly packaging, natch) to moisturize, soothe and soften skin, as well as  boost natural collagen production and improve skin’s elasticity.

Soybeans contain a host of isoflavones, potent antioxidants that have been proven to improve skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and even improve skin texture.

Entrepreneur, inventor and designer, Michael Goldenberg launched the Soypure skincare collection in 2004, after exhaustive research about the benefits of soy, and the surprising discovery that most soy-based skin care contained too little soy and that soy was often highly processed with chemicals, which he believed depleted the natural benefits of this beauty bean.

And so green-eyed girls, while your skin will surely thank you for getting back to nature, this sans chemical, eco-friendly line will have Mother Nature smiling too.

Shop the Soypure skin, body and aromatherapy collection at

We stumbled upon Juice Beauty and quickly became addicted. The Cleansing Milk boasts a calming aroma paired with skin-saving benefits thanks to organic raspberry juice and organic plant oils. This product works wonders on sensitive skin, and since it is made with organic ingredients and antioxidants, we love this line for expectant moms-to-be as well as nursing mommas.

Oily skinned ladies, we've found a product you'll love: Juice Beauty's oil-free moisturizer. This product boasts a divine scent and we love how smooth our skin feels afterwards. Added bonus: this moisturizer is made with organic pomegranate juice and chock full of antioxidants. 

Juice Beauty products are made from organic ingredients, feel great on the skin, and work wonders for sensitive skin.  Those concerned about unnecessary chemicals in skin care products are sure to love the collection. And women who are most concerned with undereye wrinkles will love the Soothing Eye Concentrate. This product helps to smooth fine lines and brighten the undereye area. The ideal complement to a daily organic skin care routine!

Shop the Juice Beauty  collection at

This months Green-Eyed Girl column is sponsored by:

Sea Pure
New Depths in Natural Skincare

Introducing Sea Pure™, our breakthrough collection of all-natural formulas for the face and body. Through the power of deep-sea ingredients and our exclusive youth-renewing science, Sea Pure™ reveals younger-looking, age-resilient skin.

Sea Pure™ skincare visibly smoothes and firms by stimulating the natural development of healthy new skin cells. As we age, the skin’s vital functions slow down, resulting in a loss of firmness and radiance. Our exclusive youth-renewing science counteracts this decline by boosting the skin’s sirtuin levels. These protein enzymes naturally awaken the skin’s cellular turnover cycle. Sea Pure™ skincare is also instilled with antioxidant-rich sea mayweed to help protect against daily environmental aggressors and hydrating sea moss to fade the appearance of fine lines.

Fortified with revitalizing sea lavender and emollient botanical extracts, Sea Pure™ bodycare naturally renews, purifies and deeply conditions.

Sea lavender is a resilient coastal plant thrives along rugged shores. As waves crash upon it, sea lavender absorbs an abundance of sea salt and other antioxidant minerals. We distilled this nutrient-rich power into Sea Pure™ bodycare to revitalize the skin and strengthen its defenses.

Sea Pure™ bodycare is also instilled with therapeutic lavender oil to calm the senses with a spa-inspired experience.

Shop the collection at


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