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A plethora of eco-chic cleansers, glosses and balms, body moisturizers and beyond came across our desks this month. Yup, being green is becoming an even prettier way of life for many, making competition amongst green grooming products fierce.

This month we set out to unearth the best in earth-lovin’ beauty aids, we left no stone unturned in our search for eco-friendly products worth the green and those better left on the shelf.

Zosimo’s Botanicals Camellia Lip gloss

As a little girl, I loved to wear my mom’s lipstick… who didn’t? But the shades were always too dark or too messy. Now that I’m a big girl, I’ve upgraded my tastes but kept my love of sparkle. Zosimo’s Botanicals has created a sparkle-infused lip gloss perfect for layering and available in a variety of shades ideal for adults that love to shine. The wand applicator slides easily over your favorite shade of lip stain to add a kick of glamour. Wear alone or doubled-up; bring the pout pleaser for date night or a sunny day beach side.
Retail: $16
Where to buy: 





Nature’s Gate Papaya Body Wash

Nature’s Gate Papaya Body Wash mixes just the right amount of fresh and fruity. Without being an assault to your senses, you’ll get the moisturizing benefits of a body wash and the tropical pleasures of papaya.  The proprietary formula calls upon coconut based cleansers plus seven moisturizers to leave skin soft and supple.   It’s so delish, in fact, that mine spent the weekend “walking” from shower to shower at the family vacation house. Finally, enough was enough… I told my Dad to get his own.
Retail: $7.49
Where to buy:






EcoTools Body Butter

Yes, winter leaves everyone’s skin super dry, and body butter can be an ultimate treat post-shower. But what about the summer? All the fun in the sun sops your skin of much needed moisture as well. Try EcoTools Body Butter. EcoTools is a member of 1% for the planet. The mango butter scent is fresh and tropical, perfect for summer, and subtle enough not to attract a horde of bees. Light weight and non-greasy, this formula will give bronzed skin a supple feel ready for short shorts and bikinis.
Retail: $6.99
Where to buy:






Yves Rocher Night Lotion

 Before your head hits the pillow, wash away the day’s tensions with Yves Rocher Night Lotion, infused with lavender, orange blossom and extracts from the exotic ylang-ylang flower (pronounced “ee-lung ee-lung). Harvested in the Pacific Islands, ylang-ylang is a natural anti-depressant and de-stressor. Combined with lavender and orange blossom, these oils team up to calm nerves, relieve pain and ease tension. Lavender, a superhero in the beauty world, is also revered for its ability to increase blood-circulation, giving skin a burst of vitality and glow.
Retail: $16
Where to buy: 





Softlips Pure Lip Conditioners

For the woman who wants to save the world and do it with a plump pucker, go-to brand Softlips has introduced a USDA-certified organic line of lip softening balms called Softlips Pure Lip Conditioners. Available in pomegranate and honeydew, the slim packaging and narrow tip is ideally suited to women’s lips, as opposed to chunkier balms that leave residue outside the lip line. This scrumptious balm, not tested on animals and free of harmful preservatives, is packaged in a recyclable card printed with vegetable-based ink.
Retail: $2.99
Where to buy:





Intelligent Nutrients Lip Delivery Nutrition

Like your tresses, lips deserve conditioning, so why not lather it on? Lip Delivery Nutrition is a deep-conditioning treatment with a tingling mint sensation. To protect your pout before dazzling with your favorite shimmer or deep red lipstick, layer this matte treatment underneath and begin nourishment. Your pucker takes a beating during the summer from the heat and sun, so protect it daily.   
Retail: $12
Where to buy:





GSkinn Healthy Natural Lip Balm

What woman doesn’t love a cute little box of sweets? How about one that’s calorie-free? Gkissr’s confectionary box of lip balm tins comes in tempting exotic scents, like Bali Lemongrass Blast, Canadian Maple Fudge, French Truffle Ice Cream, Moroccan Spice Tea, Jamaican Coconut Pie and Aspen Winter Kiss. Each tin’s sliding cover makes lip soothing access oh-so-easy. Crafted of organic ingredients, feel free to lick your lips to sample the succulent flavors inside.
Retail: (for set of 6) $32.50
Where to buy:






Kahina-Giving Beauty Facial Lotion

Environmentally and socially conscious, Kahina-Giving Beauty is one of the few manufacturers of argan oil. A rare and expensive oil, argan is found in a handful of countries, including Morocco. It is highly prized for its ability to improve skin elasticity, fight against dehydration, and tame oily or combination skin. Processed by the women of Moroccan communities, the oil is extracted by hand as part of the company initiative for handcrafted products. The organic blends of essentials oils, and the hero ingredient of argan oil, combine to make a lightweight anti-aging formula perfect for daily wear, morning, noon, or night.  
Retail: $52
Where to buy: 





Sinclair & Valentine Aromatherapaes Body Scrub

Body scrubs can often be dry skin’s worst enemy.  One with shea body that promises to nourish and prevent fresh skin from cracking can be the exception. Aromatherapaes Green Tea and Sugar Body Scrub rejuvenates skin with a natural blend of ingredients perfect for a pre-pedicure soak. No need to pair this with pumice stones, heel files, or any other medieval torture devices. The scrub does the work for you. Sugar crystals brighten dull skin and replenish calloused heels. Before toes make their debut, this scrub works well between each toe and massages gently on battered heels. Your pinkie toes will thank you. 
Retail: $7.99
Where to buy:





Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner

Are you the bronzed sun-goddess laying on the beach, with wet hair catching rays while listening to the latest tunes? Or are you the girl prepping for date night but worried about split ends? Spritz on Jane Carter Solution’s Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner for an easy fix. The lightweight formula works to increase the hair follicle’s ability to hold moisture, maintain shine, and create a protective layer before heat styling. Perfect for daily use, this will also protect from damage caused by the sun. As your skin soaks up the rays, put on the SPF, but don’t forget to soak in some light conditioner for your thirsty tresses.
Retail: $9.00
Where to buy:





Tom’s of Maine Exfoliating Natural Beauty Bar
Shorts and sandals season has finally approached and you know what that means. Bare legs. Get those gams ready with exfoliated legs. Of course sunless-tanning and shaving is essential, but those would be nothing without the smooth and even look that comes with proper exfoliation. Use Tom’s Exfoliating Natural Beauty Bar as a gentle yet effective pre-shave exfoliant. For cracked and dry heels, put down the harsh scraper and use this bar instead. It helps to slough away dead skin, dirt and even opens pores so hair removal is easy.
Retail: $3.50
Where to buy: Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods




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