Green-Eyed Girl: “Green” used to have a bad connotation; green was naïve, foolish and young. But these days “green” has gotten a makeover. Green is smart, considerate and trendy. So, embrace the green and get your day started.
By Tess Kurzeja

The “green” girl knows there’s a lot of preparation that goes into a full day, and whether you’re spending the day at work or enjoying the fresh, spring weather, there is no substitute for a flawless morning routine to get you started. Get green cleaning up in the shower, primping in front of the mirror, and hitting the boardroom or beach with some of our favorite products.

Jump in the shower with Giovanni Organic Hair Care’s Root 66™ Max Volume Shampoo and Conditioner ($12 at Not only will this shampoo cleanse hair leaving no buildup behind, it’s guaranteed to add volume, bounce and strength to your locks.  Infused with fruit extracts, this shampoo and conditioner combo features a fresh, fruity scent paired with impressive results.


Before you leave the shower, don’t forget to invigorate and exfoliate with an aromatic scrub from The Body Scrub Factory. Slough off dead skin with Margarita Girl Moisturizing Body Scrub ($24 at Devoid of parabens, synthetic fragrances and preservatives, this scrub is a 100% natural way to treat your skin to a little buff and polish. And, with the sweet margarita scent, no matter what time the workday begins, it’s always five o’clock.

Post shower, tend to your skin to face the day head-on. Trade a dull skin care routine for an invigorating session with Juice Beauty’s Cleansing Milk, Moisturizing Mist and Antioxidant Serum and Oil-free Moisturizer. This band of skin care combines organic ingredients with a classic routine. Strong enough to cut through oil and makeup, but gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin, Juice Beauty’s skin care line rejuvenates skin with no artificial ingredients. Get this organic skin care arsenal in a convenient Organics to Go pack ($29 at

Before ditching your robe for your work duds, take a fragrant break with Starring! Fragrances’ pure essential oil perfume in The Bombshell ($10 at This organic, hand blended fragrance is chock full of pleasing vanilla, berry, and orchid accents that create a rich base scent that lasts all day while adding moisture to your skin.





Speaking of bombshell, whether blonde, brunette or red head, the key to looking great lies in an impeccable hairstyle. And, even in a time crunch, iTech’s Ionic Tourmaline Hair Drier ($160 at is a formidable accessory to your best look. Constructed with crushed Tourmaline inside, this extra quiet drier creates an ionizing effect to dry hair in less than half the time of standard driers, expending less energy. And if time and electric energy saving isn’t enough, the ionized drier reduces frizz and flyaways even without the use of products.  


The final step in your green morning is ensuring a flawless face with organic makeup. Cover any of your imperfections with Alison Raffaele’s True Concealer ($23 at This liquid, mineral concealer goes on smooth and dries matte so foundation glides on smoothly and flawlessly. Plus, the embedded antioxidants will keep skin healthy and glowing long after removing your makeup. Follow it up with the super smooth Transparent Finish To-Go powder ($42 on, to ensure matte coverage all day long.




When all is primped and pretty, toss your green goodies in a recycled makeup tote from EcoTraders and you’re on the way to a green-infused day. These bags are made from recycled rice and feed bags and are molded into trendy sacks, messenger bags and makeup totes. Available in a vast assortment of styles, colors and prints, these bags are not only fashion forward but totally unique. Get a set of three cosmetic bags in various sizes for only $18.99 at


“Green-eyed Girl” is PrettyCity®’s monthly guide to the latest beauty products and treatment trends reflecting a consciousness for the environment and personal health. If it’s organic, we know about it; if it’s helping our environment while keeping us looking and feeling our best, we love it. And, you can rest assured we’ll tell you all about it. Please contact us with story ideas or product suggestions.


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