Green-eyed Girl: “Greening” House
By Tess Kurzeja

Sometimes, as green girls, we need to separate ourselves from popular trends and celebrity styling and beat to the tune of a more natural drum. This time of year, that drum encourages change. The vibrant colors of spring mute to the cool hues of fall and the humid heat that plagued our bodies and hair during the hot summer months offers a chilly reprieve. So, bringing on good hair days and starlit nights, this fall season is looking pretty good for the green gal.

And, when it comes to change, your wardrobe and beauty routine aren’t the only things that can see some serious improvement this season. It’s out with spring and summer cleaning and in with fall “greening.” So, from ceiling to floor, I’ve compiled some of my favorite trinkets and accoutrements to transform your home from a summer playground to a calming (and green) personal oasis. Plus, who would I be if I didn’t include some of my favorite at-home beauty and personal care products to make your home undeniably green?

Decorate Green
Before it’s time to deck the halls with holiday decorations, transform a room to suit your personal, green style with a little help from Sandpiper Studios. Sandpiper’s exclusive Eco Chic wallpaper line is manufactured using paper derived from sustainable forests and poses no threat to its ecosystem. Plus, this is not your mother’s wallpaper. The line features eco-inspired, avant-garde patterns printed with water-based, non-toxic inks to ensure a healthy indoor living environment. Choose from 22 different designs in close to one hundred color combinations to make a room transformation both simple and tailored to your taste. I adore the multi-dimensional, nature inspired patterns. Not too keen on covering a whole wall? Create a cool lampshade or triptych utilizing one or more of the Eco Chic patterns. (You can purchase the Eco Chic line from at varying prices.)

Adding furniture made from recycled materials to your home is one great way to enhance its green appeal. Something like this Reclaimed Patchwork Bench is a fashionable way to enhance the décor of your home while resisting purchasing furniture made from non-sustainable materials ($475 at A certified work of functional art, from artist Margaret Taylor, this bench (which doubles as a coffee table) is pieced together from reclaimed wood from houses and barns across the country.


Whether you display them or drink from them, you’ve got to love the Protect our Earth glasses. Displaying the phrase “Protect Our Earth” in four languages (English, French, Afrikaans and Spanish), these glasses are made of recycled glass from reclaimed wine bottles and are adorned with delicate etching ($45 at This set of four could be used as charming containers for votive candles, tiny planters for kitchen herbs or as good, old-fashioned drinking glasses.


Since we’re “greening” from inside to out, your outdoor living space has just as much green potential as what you keep within your walls. An easy way to enhance your outdoor living area is with a charming set of chimes. I love the precision-tuned chimes from Woodstock, especially their Aloha Chime. What’s even better than the soft soothing tones that emanate from these chimes is their eco-friendly and fashion forward bamboo casing. Since bamboo grows quickly and has been proven a sustainable resource, the Aloha Chime will fit right in with your “home ecosystem” and will only enhance, not hurt, the environment.  Get these chimes online at

Another item that’ll have others green with envy is the Flip Flop Mat from ($25). Made from recycled flip-flops from the Philippines, this mat boasts vibrant colors sure to match any décor and an enviable uniqueness.

And if that isn’t enough indoor and outdoor greening, take a look at the homemade and  recycled, one-of-a-kind goods available from various independent crafters and artists at This online space is a virtual marketplace for the most unique items on the net, sure to enhance your green space with oh-so-unique flair.

Green Home Products
It’s surprising what transforming even one aspect of your living space can do to make your home feel brand new, and even more surprising is how easy it has become to turn your house into your own private, green spa getaway (or close to it).

As the weather cools, it’s crucial to keep skin hydrated to avoid drying and cracking. And, as we spa girls know, one of the best ways to lock in moisture is with a luxurious paraffin wax treatment. But, rather than running to the spa, or waiting hours for that at-home paraffin machine to heat up, treat your mitts to the ThermaSoft System. Providing the same soothing, rejuvenating and moisturizing effects of a traditional paraffin treatment, this system produces less mess, a more sanitary experience and, green girls rejoice, uses soyaffin, a paraffin alternative made of shea butter, beeswax and soy serum that is 100% natural and petroleum-free.  Just fill the mitts with warm water, let them sit for about three minutes and insert your paws for some pampering perfection. Since they are self-heating and the soyaffin is time released, each mitt stays warm and soothing for up to a half hour. And, when you’re done, there’s no mess to clean up but disposing of the mitts. Get them at any JC Penney Spa or locate a retailer at

Add another botanical touch to your everyday, with products from the all-natural line Malie Kauai, which uses natural ingredients from the shores of Kauai to create products for your home, body and spirit. I love the Soy Candles, which lend a little island ambiance and sweet tropical scents to the home ($30 at Not to mention the soothing and moisturizing Organic Mango Nectar Hand Soap to make everyday tasks a little more luscious ($18 at

Some say, “you are what you eat,” and that may be true, but I’m more inclined to say “you are where you live.” So, create a space that is uniquely you, and uniquely green.



“Green-eyed Girl” is PrettyCity®’s monthly guide to the latest beauty products and treatment trends reflecting a consciousness for the environment and personal health. If it’s organic, we know about it; if it’s helping our environment while keeping us looking and feeling our best, we love it. And, you can rest assured we’ll tell you all about it. Please contact us with story ideas or product suggestions.




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