Green-eyed Girl: Travel Green for the Holidays
By Tess Kurzeja

Before it’s time to deck the halls, start packing your bags for holiday travel. And, there’s nothing I love more than perfect products that fit inside a carry-on. So from skin care to hair care, take these green products along on your holiday vacations.

A true heavy-hitter when it comes to green products, Stem Organics, again, serves up something I’m beginning to think I can’t live without. Saving skin on the go, Stem’s new Travel Well Kit packs cleansing, exfoliation, toning and moisturizing into an easy-to-pack box that’ll keep products safe no matter which mode of transportation you elect ($44.90 at The box contains the perfect amount of the Stem system to carry you through at least of week of morning and night skin care. Plus, since Stem makes sure to use gentle, natural and organic products, this travel kit is a one-size-fits-all fix all for maintaining your skin care routine on the road.  Now, that, I’m thankful for.

Keeping hair salon-beautiful (even when you’re holed up with countless family members for the holidays) has never been easier. Jane Carter SolutionsHair Care Survival Kit is chock full of products that’ll keep hair looking great for any occasion ($19 at This kit has all the necessary components (conveniently packed into 1 oz. travel-size bottles) for a ‘do that’ll help you survive any holiday sojourn and, as an added bonus, will certainly incite some serious sibling rivalry during holiday events. 



As your family’s “green gal,” it’s your duty to know about SolavieSolavie’s eco-friendly and just-right-for-everyone personal care products are perfect space savers, as they often perform double duty (for example the shampoo doubles as a body wash). Plus, each unit of Solavie products touts a ying and yang shape so two bottles snap together for easy transport.  Even more important than size and shape, though, is the incredible results that each Solavie product delivers. Even color-treated or textured hair is baby soft after washing with Solavie shampoo, which is made with ancient volcanic water, a substance full of minerals and nutrients.  Choose from six “enviro-types” to suit your personal taste (prices vary at


Finally, if traveling with liquids is just too much stress to bear, switch to bar with Lush’s fresh, handmade, organic personal care products. Over 55% of Lush’s products come in bar form and are can be easily housed in round, reusable tins. Lush’s solid products are easy to carry along and even easier to love, especially their Godiva Shampoo Bar ($9.25 at It looks like candy, smells like candy and is the sweetest treat for all hair types. Scented with ylang ylang, jasmine, shea butter and essential oils, this bar doubles as shampoo and conditioner. And, I promise, once you go bar, you won’t go back.

By plane, train or automobile, these supreme, green products will fit comfortably in a favorite carry-on and will keep every green girl looking and feeling fresh. No matter where your holiday travel might take you, these products will assure that you’ll be in good company.


“Green-eyed Girl” is PrettyCity®’s monthly guide to the latest beauty products and treatment trends reflecting a consciousness for the environment and personal health. If it’s organic, we know about it; if it’s helping our environment while keeping us looking and feeling our best, we love it. And, you can rest assured we’ll tell you all about it. Please contact us with story ideas or product suggestions.


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