Hair Extensions

Have you noticed the number of celebrities that have gone from short and sheared to long, luxurious locks seemingly overnight? The secret to their extreme hair makeovers is actually Hair Extensions specially matched to their exact hair type and color.

Once only for the rich and famous, Hair Extensions have gone mainstream with salons across the country offering up this in demand treatment.

For the most natural look, opt for human Hair Extensions, but prepare to pay... this type of Hair Extension may well cost over $1000. This Hair Extension method is a quick and dramatic fix and results can last for up to five months.

Another options is synthetic Hair Extensions; this less expensive choice usually looks less natural as well.

How are Hair Extensions applied? The Hair Extension is placed on a small tress of your hair and your hair is then criss-crossed over the extension. Your hair and the Hair Extensions are then braided together. Next, a bonding solution is applied. Heat is then applied to the treated area, sealing the extension around the hair.

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