Hair Color Techniques

Booking an appointment for color has become a complicated ordeal. Salons often offer several techniques, but how's a girl to know what treatment may be right for her?

Do count on the stylist or colorist to determine which hair color technique is right, but don't be totally clueless.

Check out our guide to hair color techniques, compiled with expert advice and explanations of the most popular hair color techniques today.

Single Process Color: Single Process Color is ideal for covering gray and adding shine plus all over color to dull hair. Like any permanent hair color, roots will need maintenance every four to six weeks.

Double Process Color: Double Process Color is best when lightening up by more than two shades. The first process is to remove the natural hair pigment through bleaching, followed by a second treatment to add the pigment of choice back into the hair. Just remember, the further from the original color, the more obvious the roots. Tara Reid (pictured at right) is most likely an occasional devotee of Double Process Color.

Highlighting: An alternative to all over color services, several highlights are applied to individual strands of hair to brighten the overall hue. This technique adds contrast and complements the natural hair color. Highlighting requires maintenance about every six to eight weeks. Maintenance will depend on how much lighter the hair color is from the natural color.

Lowlighting: . Lowlighting is often used to break up over-lightened hair and add dimension. Results can be a simple subtle change or a dramatic hair color makeover. Touch-ups are needed every six to eight weeks. Kelly Clarkson's chic and choppy, multi-color 'do is the perfect example of highlights and lowlights used in unison.

The Big Bs: Blocking and Balayage are picking up steam as the new trends in color techniques.

Blocking is a process in which color is added in "blocks" giving new dimension to just a portion of the hair, such as bangs. To add three-dimensional color, the hair may be separated into dozens of sections with two to three colors "blocked" in alternating sections. This service must be touched up every four to six weeks.

Dimensional Balayage is a French hair painting technique. The literal translation of Balayage is 'to sweep,' and that sums up the process. Highlights are brushed on without using foils or a fine tooth comb to weave in the tiny streaks, but instead applied using a sweeping motion, with thinner strokes at the roots and thicker strokes toward the ends. The Balayage method garners a more natural look and allows for an easier growing-out process; the hair appears to be lightened gradually, from the root to the tip, mimicking the sun's way of lightening hair.


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