Claw Your Way to Spring’s Haute Hues

It ’s been said that people can be easily sized up with a quick look at their hands.  Ragged nails and dry cuticles are a dead giveaway that details escape you; while nails that are perfectly polished and right on hue exude style through and through.

Here’s how to get and keep a flawless manicure this season, plus the top five products under $10 that will extend the life of your salon manicure tenfold.





Haute Hues
Spring is all about bright, spunky color for hands and feet. Essie’s new “Neon Collection” is perfectly on trend, boasting four look-at-me shades including flirty fuchsia, funky limelight (a bright yellow), perky purple and punchy pink ($8 each).

Pink and orange rule spring and Finger Paints gets the color story just right with Tangerine Tint and Pretty as a Picture pink ($4.99 at Another favorite is Dashing Diva’s Drama Queen, a crème fuchsia and Miranda's Law, an opaque coral ($8 each at Butter London’s 3 Free lacquer line – so named for its lack of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP – serves up brilliant spring color with Jaffa,  a juicy orange and Underground, a hardcore pink ($14 each at

For those who dare to go beyond basic color,  celebrity manicurist Alisha Rimando of NYC’s famed Dashing Diva nail salon created an almost ombre look for models at designer Akiko Ogawa’s NYC Fashion Week runway show. Rimando, who has polished the likes of Jennifer Hudson, combined a light pink base and faded pink tip using Headliner, Dashing Diva, Cosmopolitan, and Debutante.

Perfectly Polished

To keep that sweet spring color from streaking or smudging, Rimando recommends drying each coat of polish for one minute before applying the next coat, allowing solvents from the polish to evaporate, thereby creating a hard coating of color.  Next, apply a quick dry silicone or oil solvent. And if nails should end up smudging, Rimando swears by this flawless manicure secret: using a liberal amount of polish remover on your finger, lightly rub the top of the nail to smooth out the crease or smudge, let dry and the re-apply a top coat.

When you head to your favorite manicurist, extend the life of that salon manicure by bringing your own high quality base coat, color and even quick dry system. This will not only assure that you have the right hue on hand for touch-ups (a must for the well manicured), but by insisting on using the products you love and trust, you can really lengthen the life of your manicure.

We travel with Zoya’s Anchor Basecoat, Armor TopCoat and Hurry Up Speed Dry Drops so that, no matter where our quest for the perfect manicure may take us, we know that the polish color we pick will last. Plus, the fast working Speed Dry Drops assure that we avoid the heartache of ruining a new manicure by grabbing car keys or putting on seat belts.

So even if you haven’t updated your wardrobe for the season, you’ve got the tools for nailing spring style at your finger tips.

Five under $10

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