From work, to home to your busy social life, eating healthy can be a hard task to swallow. But, wash the day’s stress down with some of our favorite, healthy snacks to make your busy days a little more delicious.

Full and healthy nutrition is always a hot topic. Every five years, the USDA and Department of Health and Human Services releases the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which pulls together the latest research and advice from health experts to give Americans some tips on keeping healthy. In 2005, these Guidelines included recommendations to eat more fruits and veggies (two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables per day, to be exact), to replace refined grains with whole grains and to limit trans fats, cholesterol, added sugars and salt. And while keeping up with the ever-changing recommendations for nutrition and healthy living is a complicated task in itself, some retailers are minimizing the challenge, encouraging more natural products and ridding their snacks and meals of unhealthy ingredients. And, to make things a bit easier on you, busy girl, we’ve compiled a lit of some of our favorite foods and snacks that meet those healthy criteria.

Let’s face it, your full-of-sugar favorite beverages might be doing something to keep you vital and energized during the day, but they’re doing more to amp up your calorie consumption and load your system with an excess of caffeine. Explore your alternate options with a plethora of options from Argo Tea.

With 11 locations in Chicago, and a plan to expand nationwide, Argo Tea is revolutionizing the way we drink, snack and relax. The mainstay of Argo, is the shop’s signature teas. Brewed to perfection from exclusive-to-Argo loose teas, the forward-thinking shop offers up herbal and caffeinated options to replace not-so-healthy liquids with some that are more desirable to the health-conscious drinker. And, these new tea treats are made with a lot of skill and even more creativity. Some of their most popular options are tea takes on classic coffee beverages such as the “Teappuccino” and the “Maté Latte.”

So, whether you favor green, black red or fruit-laden teas, Argo has them all. And packed into each cup of tasty full-bodied tea are health benefits to boot.  For example, red tea (Rooibos) is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids and is recommended to curb irritability, headaches, insomnia, nervous tension, and hypertension. And, in general, studies suggest that tea protects against cancer, boosts the immune system, prevents tooth decay, lowers cholesterol and contains important antioxidants. And, for vanity’s sake, both green and red teas contain antioxidants and components to keep skin glowing and clear.

And beyond the “tea wall” filled with Argo’s signature teas to take home and the cozy, at-home-inspired décor, Argo offers made-in-store snacks that are healthy as well as vegetarian and vegan friendly, not to mention made of all natural ingredients. So whether you pick up a fresh Tabouli salad or down a vegan muffin on the go, you’re assured a healthy, satisfying snack.

But if an Argo location hasn’t yet hit your hometown locale, never fear; you can order their loose teas, infusers and teapots at

No matter how busy you are and how often you’re on the go, there’s always time for a nutritious power boost. And, it’s amazing what you can get in a snack bar, these days. Namely, you can get more than five varieties of organic fruit, nuts, intense flavor and a doctor’s assurance of nutrition into one Dr. Weil Pure Fruit and Nut Bar by Nature’s Path. The perfect size to accompany you from meeting to commute to play time, these bars boast no trans fats and totally vegetarian ingredients. Plus the bars (which come in five deliciously unique flavors) were developed by Andrew Weil, M.D., a respected force in integrative medicine. Get them by the box or even in bulk at

But, if need more than just a snack to tide you over and don’t have time to sit down to a full meal, don’t dare skip it but replace it with Pro Bar. Pro Bar is an energy bar that is a certified meal replacement, providing 15 whole foods and natural ingredients in one bar. These bars are 100% vegan and are sure to pack the same nutritious punch as a full meal. Choose from the 12 varieties Pro Bar offers to quench any craving and keep you moving at full speed. We love the classic flavor of “Apple Cinnamon Crunch” and the satisfying and unique “Cherry Pretzel” bar.  These bars are also available on


A certified “super fruit” (a fruit that has a nigh nutrient density, high antioxidant quality and health benefits) and popping up in food and beverages everywhere, the acai berry has been called the world’s healthiest fruit. Get your serving of the rainforest-native acai with Bossa Nova juices. Coming in five flavor varieties, Bossa Nova juices contain all organic acai juice as well as other organic fruits to create different flavor combinations. These drinks, like their main acai ingredient, tout a high level of antioxidants and an unprecedented low amount of sugar with no artificial ingredients. Bossa Nova is available at Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores across the nation.

We’ll admit that hitting the drive through is a tempting way to deal with a busy schedule and a hungry belly, but there’s always time for nutritious, healthy choices. Your overall health, energy level and taste buds will thank you.


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