Love it or Leave it: The best and worst new products on the market
By Carolyn Brundage

Last week I spent $500 on cosmetics.

And if you think that's crazy, bear in mind that Americans spend billions on cosmetics each year.

The good news is, there's a method to my madness, ladies. The $500 I dropped at a variety of department stores and drugstores was not spent in vain.

I invested my time, looks and some serious pocket change so that as you flip through your favorite glossy mag this month, you won't be tricked by the airbrushed, artificially enhanced model looking back at you.

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the biggest advocates of the power of beauty products that work when wielded correctly. But I'm also here to warn you about the ones that don't deliver on their pretty promises.

Here's what you must know about this month's newest products and their promises.

Leave it: Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor Liquid Lipstick

The advertisements claim that this product will last "up to 12 hours." Mine lasted about 6 hours, which is impressive, but every minute that I had this lipstick on my lips was a minute too long.

I purchased "Top Tomato," a fire-engine red that goes on slick and quickly dries to a super matte finish. In fact, Color Stay Ultimate Lipcolor Liquid Lipstick lasted so well that it was extremely difficult to remove; the company recommends using an oil-based makeup remover. Yes, the color truly does stay but the formula is so dry and unappealing on the lips, I just wanted it to go away.

LancomeLove it: Lancome's Oscillation Powerbooster

This product is actually a vibrating lash primer that promises to "boost the appearance of natural lash growth" while fortifying and strengthening the lashes.

The ad I saw stated that after one week, users see thicker and longer lashes. However, there is a small asterisk on the Lancome site that reads, "The vibrating primer enhances the appearance of lash thickness, density and length so that naturally occurring lash growth is more visible/noticeable."

Time for me to translate: this product will not cause your lashes to get longer or thicker — but the primer can make them appear that way.

And, it works, so long as you understand what you are buying: a primer that is used before mascara to make lashes appear longer and thicker by coating the lashes with a fiber that lends a visible boost; $39 at department stores or

Leave it: Clinique's Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder

The ad claims "visible redness and broken capillaries vanish." Not so for this reviewer.

Yes, I have redness. I even have a broken capillary. And I am here to tell you, none of these problems "vanished" with the use of this new product from Clinique.

As far as powders go, this is a mediocre product. Plus, it's hard not to expect greatness from a product that promises to make flaws virtually disappear. Truthfully, I'm not sure which was worse, the product itself or the letdown from my overblown expectations. I think there is a lesson here, just in case a product company somewhere is listening.

Glam EyesLove it: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt

"Fluttery lashes for flirty seduction" — that's the Rimmel promise.

My 14-month-old son wasn't taken with my batting lashes, but I was impressed with the effectiveness of this affordable product. The thin, easy-to-maneuver wand makes lengthening and separating lashes a breeze ($7.49 at local drugstores).

My only gripe? It sure looks like Miss Moss is sporting eyelash extensions in the ad for this product — a real pet peeve of mine! Please cosmetic companies, hearmy plea: Do away with the fake lashes in mascara ads. We can handle the truth.

Leave it: L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss

After seeing an advertisement featuring Eva Longoria looking stunning thanks to L'Oreal’s new Infallible Plumping Lip Gloss, I headed right out to CVS and picked up a tube in “Plumped Coral” ($9.99).

According to the ad, my lips would appear fuller and the gloss would last 6 hours. Impressive!

After applying the gloss, I definitely didn’t notice any plumping but I was willing to overlook that if the gloss simply lasted as promised. One hour and one veggie wrap later, the gloss was nowhere to be found on my lips. Perhaps the claim that this product would last six hours was aimed at fasting supermodels?

Vitamin C Lip SmoothieLove it: Clinique's Vitamin C Lip Smoothie

All was not lost at the Clinique counter where I also picked up Clinique's new Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in "Nude-tricious" ($17.50 at

Promising to moisturize and smooth lips, the product did just that all while imparting a sheer shine in several sparkling shades. Vitamin C Lip Smoothie feels good going on, wears well and really left my lips feeling soft and nourished.

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Carolyn Brundage, a respected beauty expert, author and entrepreneur, is the founder of Since launching PrettyCity in 2001, Carolyn has penned over 750 beauty and style columns, for publications including The Chicago Sun-Times, The St. Petersburg Times, Orlando Style Magazine & Michigan Avenue Magazine as well as having reviewed over 10,000 beauty products. To get the inside scoop first, follow Carolyn on Twitter.

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