Love it or Leave It: Eye Creams
Hope in a jar doesn’t come cheap for those looking to repair and protect the delicate skin around their eyes.  From dark circles to fine lines to under eye puffiness, there are a bevy of products that promise to turn back the clock, or stop it all together. But, only a handful of eye creams deliver on their promises to rejuvenate under eye skin.

Love it
The Eyes Have It from Prescribed Solutions ($90 at made us eye cream believers. Once applied, the Vitamin K formula imparts a faint shimmer that instantly lends the appearance of brighter eyes. And, within just days, the skin under our eyes was firmer and our under eye puffiness was visibly reduced. This product’s promise to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet actually rings true.

Leave it
Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse eye cream from Neutrogena, ($19.99 at your local drugstore) boasts a fresh scent and a lightweight formula that we loved. However, perhaps because of the fragrance in the product, the eye cream made our eyes water and left us crying for something less irritating.

Love it
r3p eye from Dr. Brandt Skincare ($80 at, rich in peptides and Vitamins A, C & E, has a clean, fresh scent and is absorbed immediately in to the delicate skin around eyes. Fine lines are softened and after a few days of use, under eye circles are greatly diminished. Plus, we loved the rich, yet surprisingly non-greasy, texture.

Leave it
Active Botanical Eye Creme and Firming Eye Revitalizer from Seven Skincare ($32 for the active botanical eye cream and $32 for the firming eye revitalizer at promises to work in tandem to combat key concerns including fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. Unfortunately, the Revitalizer and Creme irritated the skin under our eyes so we had to discontinue use immediately.

Love it
Somme Eye Contour from Somme Institute ($72 at is a lightweight, moisturizing cream with a gentle scent. The non-comedogenic formula is ideal for oily/problem skin. Best of all, the product delivered on its promise to hydrate and contour while reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. And it is gentle enough for daily use!

Leave it
We wanted to love Age Reversal Pomegranate Eye Serum from Organics Desert Essence ($14.99 at whole foods and natural health food stores) because of its biodegradable packaging and its promise to improve skin tone and firmness. Unfortunately, the “warming effect” this product delivers is more akin to the sting of summer sunburn than the comfort of a warm eye pillow. Plus, it leaves behind an unwelcome oily residue.

Love it bargain!
Purist Naturals Ginkgo Eye Cream is a thicker-than-serum, lighter-than-lotion eye cream that goes on smooth to reduce puffiness and moisturizes to smooth fine lines. This fix-all cream also does well reducing dark circles and helping tired eyes appear rejuvenated. What’s more, the cream leaves behind no hint of oil or shine but does lend a sweet botanical scent. For a measly $10.99 at Sally Beauty Stores, this product is well worth its price.


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