For the ultimate in tension taming, nothing is better than a relaxing massage. Well, nothing, except a massage customized to your individual needs.

Available at spas throughout the nation, there's a massage specialty to suit every ache, pain and point of stress.

Swedish Massage Candidates: Have Tension and stress concentrated in their upper to lower back, Enjoy a medium to firm pressure massage.
Description: Characterized by its long, sweeping motions and gentle to firm pressure, the Swedish Massage is, undoubtedly the most popular of all massage techniques. This massage is perfect for the massage neophyte who may be a little apprehensive about the treatment. Traditionally, this massage is customized to focus on the client's main areas of concern in their back and upper body.

Full Body Massage Candidates: Wish to work out tension not only in their back and upper body, but lower body as well.
Description: A continuation of the Swedish Massage, this technique covers the whole body rather than just the back and upper body. Traditionally, firmer pressure is applied, but can be customized to the client's preference.

Hot Stone Candidates: Can endure a more intense massage; respond well to heat therapy on aching muscles and concentrated tension.
Description: A "step up" from the standard Swedish Massage and technique, the Hot Stone technique employs, you guessed it, heated natural, smooth stones, to ease tension through massage. Throughout this massage, clients can expect medium pressure from firm stones accompanied by the lasting warmth of the stones. Whether the stones are strategically place to let the heat soothe aching areas r they are used in conjunction with massage oil to knead out stress, this massage is for the spa aficionado looking to expand their massage experience.

Reflexology Candidates: Have significant muscle pain or rage of motion difficulties.
Description: This unconventional form of massage is based around applying g pressure to the underside of the feet, which correspond to different points throughout the body. Massage Therapists certified in Reflexology can identify a pressure point located on the bottom of a client's feet to address their concerns.

Lymphatic Drainage Candidates: Want to promote a healthy lymphatic system, circulatory system, respiratory system, muscular system and endocrine system.
Description:This type of massage therapy offers a holistic approach to wellness by using a specified technique to improve the body's lymphatic system. The lymphatic system's function is to move toxins away from healthy cells in the body. The massage is focused on the lymph nodes and the therapy is believed to relieve allergies, menstrual cramps, colds and viruses as well.

Pregnancy Candidates: Are in their second or third trimesters of pregnancy and are experiencing low back pain, swelling, headaches or stress.
Description: Designed to ease the stress on a pregnant woman's aching body, pregnancy or prenatal massage, can help reduce stress, swelling and pain in a woman's changing body. Because pregnant women should not lay flat on their backs (as the weight of the uterus constricts the vein that returns blood from the legs to the heart), pregnancy massages are often performed on a special massage table to allow the pregnant woman to lie face down, or are preformed while the woman lay on her side.

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