Keeping your Pedicure Pretty

Let’s face it; a relaxing spa pedicure is a welcome treat year round. But getting that pedicure and keeping your polish pristine during the fall and winter months presents a formidable challenge.

But never fear, spa-lovin’ ladies, we’ve got a few top tips to keep toes polished to perfection no matter how cold it is. Follow these recommendations and keep toes free from frigid temps and perfectly painted from spa to home.

Those who frequent inexpensive nail salons should be forewarned, the old plastic bag around the toes trick is sure to backfire, leaving your recently purchased pedicure totally wrecked. Be sure to refuse this treatment if offered or, better yet, head to reputable salon or spa rather than a cheap spot-we've never seen this trick tried at a reputable spot.

Before you even think of entering the spa, dress appropriately. The options, really, are endless. From fashionable footless tights to leg warmers, recent fashion trends are practically solving the pedicure problem for us. Under jeans or paired with leggings and a long tunic, leg warmers (and a pair of perfect flip flops) will be your saving grace when protecting toes from smudges and chips post-pedicure.

During the pedicure, simply push your legwarmers up towards the knee, to avoid fussing with them on while your nails are wet. After being polished pretty, pull the bottom of your leg warmers all the way to the middle of the foot (or just beneath the toes) to keep feet warm and freshly painted toes safe.

Try these cute and cozy leggings from for only $14.

We all know it’s easy to get impatient once the pampering is complete, but take some time at the spa to allow fresh polish to dry. However, if you just can't spare a few extra minutes, ensure that nails can stand up to sock and shoe by using a quick drying spray. And, not just any spray will do; we love OPI’s rapidry ($18 at Give this power-packed spray a spritz and a minute or two to help strengthen the lacquer.

Last, but certainly not least, make the best of a sticky polish situation, by keeping close-toed shoes far from perfectly pedicured piggies. Though it seems an odd choice for the season, the flip-flops is the way to go. But since any old flop would likely leave any gal shivering in her non-boots, invest in a warmly lined flop like our favorite “faux fur-flops,” the Privo® by Clarks Skotch Sandal ($50 at Not only will these flops keep feet far from freezing, a portion of their purchase ($2 to be exact) goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The unique ribbon design comes in four different colors, and the flops are cute, comfy and warm enough to walk from the spa to the house and beyond.

The flip-flop/leg warmer combo may not be your everyday fashion statement, but it will be a comfy, reliable way to ensure a smudge-free pedicure and shiver-free legs.

But, if pampering pedicures are your weekly or bi-weekly vice, invest in a boot certain to keep you warm and keep your polish in tact, Bootie Pies ($128 at Designed with the spa maven in mind, this boot touts an open toe and a zippered back to easily slip pedicured feet in without incident. Once your toe polish is hard and dry, cap up your Bootie Pies with the patent-leather toe covers, turning your perfect pedicure footwear into your favorite fall boots.




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