Face powder isn't just a way to beat shine and battle oiliness. It's also a great "base" that saves makeup, think eye shadow, blush, even lipstick, and helps your look really last.

Apply powder to the apples of your cheeks before and after applying blush and you'll set the look.

Blot lipstick, then apply powder and re-apply lipstick for color that won't go south (or into the tiny vertical lines that surround lips.)

Dust powder over eyelids and the shadow that follows will live up to its name- following you all day long instead of fading away.

But not all powders are made equally so we've rounded up some face-saving favorites for all skin-types including powders perfect for sensitive skin to those ideal for women of color.


Best for Bronzing

Achieve that sun-kissed look without submitting your skin to Florida 's harsh heat with a dusting of Bronzed FX Mineral Bronzing Powder. Available in four natural-looking hues, this luminous powder is safe for all skin types thanks in part to its wax-free, oil-free, fragrance-free and non-comodegenic ingredients. Bronzed FX Mineral Bronzing Powder retails for $26, visit www.coverfx.com for retail locations.


Best Powder for Sensitive Skin

For those of us with sensitive skin, finding the right powder can be a real challenge. That's because some of the ingredients most often found in face powder are the most irritating to thin-skinned women. Neutrogena's Healthy Defense Protective Powder to the rescue. This pressed powder with an SPF 30 rating is $9.99 at Drugstore.com.


Best Loose Powder

Kett Sett Loose Powder imparts maximum coverage with minimum texture, meaning skin looks flawless without looking heavily made-up or worse, chalky. This invisible loose powder was originally developed for use with HDTV and digital cameras- two forms of technology that unearth flaws not typically seen using older technology. In fact, Kett Cosmetics says its products have been selected as the HDTV make up of CNN and ESPN. Also available as a pressed powder, $18 at Kettcosmetics.com.


Best for Women of Color

Color is the key to getting powder perfect. For women of color, this means finding a line that is available in shades as diverse as those of the women who will be wearing it. Studies suggest that nearly 80% of black women have yellowish undertones to their skin so a yellow-based powder may be best. To find a true color match, our favorite line hands down is Prescriptives. Visit the Prescriptives counter near you to take advantage of their complimentary "color-printing" service. Powders range from $28 to $35, visit Prescriptives.com for locations.


Best Drugstore Powder

Getting a great powder doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. There really are some great products right at your local pharmacy. The best? Our pick is L'Oreal's Translucide Naturally Luminous Powder, $9.99 at Walgreens.com. Available in four shades: Transluscent, Light, Medium and Deep.


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