The jury is still out on whether pink is the new black, but the verdict is in that SmartLipo™ is the new Liposuction. Offering less down time, less pain and comparable results, SmartLipo™ employs a powerful laser to melt fat through the top layer of skin. Once the laser liquefies fat beneath the skin's surface, the liquid substance is removed through a small incision in the treated area. Plus, as the laser works melting down fat cells, it also seals blood vessels to minimize bruising, swelling and bleeding.

Adding to the benefits of SmartLipo™ over traditional liposuction, patients need only a local, rather than a general anesthetic for the procedure. Not only does this mean minimizing the risks of surgical complications it also makes the procedure much more affordable.

Less expensive? Check. Less invasive? Check. Same results? Check. So, whether it's a couple of vanity pounds that have got you down or you're looking to lose some significant weight, SmartLipo™ might just be the treatment to choose.

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